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Hello and thank you for visiting our site. You will find is very simple website to navigate, characterized by clean, clear, high quality graphics and clear, concise information. is a comprehensive, vendor verified, on-line equine publication dedicated to providing current, relevant and continuously updated information for horse owners. is an online resource for all things horse related. ie where to find a breeder, trainer, farrier, current veterinary research, "Ask a Vet", "Ask a Physiothapist", equine art, supplies for the home, stable, farm or acerage, fashion, current events, etc.. has a verified vendor advertiser section that creates an individual web page for each advertiser. Your logo and message, contact information, business awards, customer testimonials, product description and a link to your website are included on your advertiser page. makes your advertising simple. Fill out the online advertiser form, and submit it. Our sales representative will contact you, assist you in completing a verified vendor application form, and then contact you when the advertisement is ready to view and approve. It is that simple! is an on-line magazine written by qualified experts that reaches over 900,000* horse owners.
  • Each Verified Vendor Advertiser invests just $25 per month (plus tax)
  • One time set up fee of $125.00 (plus tax)
  • If the advertiser reaches 1% of horse owners with its advertising message, and if 1% make purchase of $100 per month, the advertiser will generate $108,210 in annual sales
* Source: AQHA 2009, 62,000 Horse Owners in Canada and 839,750 in the U.S.A. is offering business card design and printing to verified vendors. Please contact us to request additional information. offers simple payment solutions via PayPal. may be looking for you to join the HOT SALESFORCE. Simply contact us to begin the hiring process. Our Human Resources department will contact you.