What is Holistic Horsekeeping?

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 24, 2012 13:49


Robin Davis is a lifelong horse lover who founded of the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative (www.Holistic-Herd.com) and, alongside of her husband, is owner/operator of a holistic horsekeeping ranch in Northern Colorado called Mustang Hollow.  Robin loves to spend time with her horses any way she can.  Her current herd of six consists of 1 Mustang, 1 Warmblood, 1 OTTB, 1 Quarter horse, 1 Arabian and 1 Welsh cross.  Robin loves to trailride, has competed in Dressage and has started and tuned up many horses using natural horsemanship methods.

Oftentimes people think that to be considered holistic they have to toss aside any and all pharmaceuticals and spend all their free time doing yoga or other ‘woo woo’ practice.  Not so.

Holistic is actually about looking at the whole being.  Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion.  Pharmaceuticals may be a part of this whole and can be helpful when used conscientiously in an effort to target the source of an issue.

My vaccination program includes pharmaceuticals when the whole picture of the horse dictates it. My de-worming program uses chemical de-wormers when herbals and homeopathics are not addressing the parasites. I've used antibiotics when needed and understand that pain medications are necessary in certain circumstances.

Keeping horses holistically means that I do my best to keep things as natural as possible by addressing the whole horse in a wellness program that will hopefully keep the use of pharmaceuticals at a minimum. We spend more time addressing the immune system of the horse by supporting a healthy gut and a healthy emotional being.  It is my delight to be able to share some of these practices with you through this blog. Thank you for reading and thank you Horse Owner Today for inviting me to take part.


Holistic Horsekeeping