A Circle Of Influence That Honors The Horse

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   November 23, 2012 08:57
The motto of the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative is “Our Circle of Influence That Honors the Horse.”   This motto keeps me on track while doing projects for the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative (HHCC) and while working with my own horses.   
When we think of what honors the horse, as a horse, we have no choice but to look at the Whole.  Looking at the Whole is what being holistic really is about. 
What honors a horse’s emotional well-being?  The words: community (a herd), freedom, grazing (a constant browsing or picking of good food), balance (good food, good water, shelter, few toxins), faith (to the herd), and trust (of the herd and oneself) come to mind.
These same things honor a horse’s physical well-being.  The herd helps protect, groom, and nurture.  Good food, water and shelter are all key to physical wellness.  Faith and Trust allow the horse to take part in the herd mutual grooming and protections.  Freedom of movement is key to maintaining overall wellness and even in healing when it might seem that the horse needs to rest, movement actually encourages healing.
When we honor a horse’s basic emotional and physical well-being at all times, we gain insight into what management practices and which treatments are more serving to the horse as a whole.  It’s not always about WHAT, but is more often about the WHOLE.  Thank you for being a part of the circle of influence that honors the horse.

Robin Davis is a lifelong horse lover who founded of the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative (www.Holistic-Herd.com) and, alongside of her husband, is owner/operator of a holistic horsekeeping ranch in Northern Colorado called Mustang Hollow.  Robin loves to spend time with her horses any way she can.  Her current herd of six consists of 1 Mustang, 1 Warmblood, 1 OTTB, 1 Arabian and 1 Welsh cross.  Robin loves to trailride, has competed in Dressage and has started and tuned up many horses using natural horsemanship methods.