The Fundamentals of Foundation

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Robin Davis is a lifelong horse lover who founded of the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative ( and, alongside of her husband, is owner/operator of a holistic horsekeeping ranch in Northern Colorado called Mustang Hollow.  Robin loves to spend time with her horses any way she can.  Her current herd of six consists of 1 Mustang, 1 Warmblood, 1 OTTB, 1 Quarter horse, 1 Arabian and 1 Welsh cross.  Robin loves to trailride, has competed in Dressage and has started and tuned up many horses using natural horsemanship methods.

Without a proper foundation no amount of allopathic or complimentary care can help your horse maintain wellness.

Most people have heard it said:  “No hoof, no horse.”  Sometimes when we hear a statement like this as frequently as I’ve seen it bantered about, it loses its power.  Though, this statement is extremely powerful when we look at the overall function of the hoof as it relates to the whole horse.

The next few blogs will focus on the hoof of the horse and all that it means to them.  As you consider how important the feet are to your horse, consider just how important your feet are to you too.  And take that one more step and consider who you might describe yourself if you thought of yourself as the hoof of your horse.

Here is where I went with this exercise. I am the hoof of the horse:


·        Looked at as being weak but indeed very strong

·        Strong yet flexible

·        Movement keeps me healthy

·        Constantly growing

·        All heart

·        Some see me as needing to be protected

·        Can bear a lot of weight

·        Need a solid and healthy connection to the land

·        Can be brittle on the outside and yet always delicate on the inside

·        The proper amount of water helps keep me healthy too much is bad, too little is bad

     Imbalances show up in me right away

     Good nutrition keeps me strong and flexible

          Very complex through simplicity

Many Blessings and Happy Horsin’ Around.



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