Technology is best right?

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Robin Davis is a lifelong horse lover who founded of the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative ( and, alongside of her husband, is owner/operator of a holistic horsekeeping ranch in Northern Colorado called Mustang Hollow.  Robin loves to spend time with her horses any way she can.  Her current herd of six consists of 1 Mustang, 1 Warmblood, 1 OTTB, 1 Quarter horse, 1 Arabian and 1 Welsh cross.  Robin loves to trailride, has competed in Dressage and has started and tuned up many horses using natural horsemanship methods.

The download that came in this week was how we have given our power over to technology in so many ways.  When did it become common place to put shoes on any horse in any situation no matter their job or their living arrangement?  Why do new to seasoned horse owners buy the concept that they MUST shoe?
These thoughts made me think about just how much technology is revered in our society.  The technology of shoes is often looked upon as being better than the gifts of nature.  A horse has a hard hoof wall which surrounds a ‘circulation pump’ and ‘curb feelers’.  A metal covering and what amounts to a brace shut down the full function of the pump and the feelers. 
When covered with a shoe, a hoof is not in touch with the Earth.  Horses are set up to feel the energies of the Earth and the land through their feet.  Sourcing through this connection is very important.  Truth be known it’s just as important that we Source ourselves through a connection to the Earth by going barefoot once in awhile.
So not only is it important to be in relationship with your horse’s feet, it is important to be in touch with your own.  The Earth is calling you to get in touch.  Take a moment to kick off those shoes and feel what it’s like to Source from the land.  How many messages can you get when you stand quietly while your feet are attached to the land?  How do you feel?  Just listen and feel.
Your horses will thank you as you develop and enjoy this new awareness and connection to the Earth. 
Happy Connecting.

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