Animal Communication – Part 2

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Learning about energy fields of living things was a strange concept at first. I had a medical background. While working as a nurse, I was able to guess what physical problems newly admitted patients had simply by looking at them. A few co-workers knew about my ability. Test results always confirmed my initial assessment of the health problems. Still, I was unaware of the technical name for tuning into energy fields. After being in a car accident, massage therapy provided relief of pain. I decided to become a licensed massage therapist. It wasn’t until I attended school for massage therapy that I learned about energy fields of living things, yet I was aware of them at a very young age. From a toddler into adulthood I was able to sense things about people and animals. There was finally a name for it.
When people are relaxed, their energy field is calm and peaceful. Being around them feels good. Stress causes energetic changes in the body. Being near a stressed, worried or angry person does not feel good.  How we are feeling emotionally and physically emanates from our bodies. Animals are highly sensitive to our emotions. They feel them on a deep level and it affects them. They react to fear, tension and sadness.
In the next article, I will explain how I communicate with animals.

Barb Borkowski is owner of The Healing Journey in Ohio, USA. She is an animal communicator and energy therapist. Barb’s healing work with animals was featured on Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Ohio. She was also a guest on the Robin Swoboda Show, a morning TV show, in Cleveland. Barb’s educational background includes energy therapy, massage therapy and nursing.

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Animal Communication