Animal Communication – Part 3

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   October 19, 2012 08:36

Many years ago, I was the owner of a yellow Lab. Her name was Maggie. When Maggie wanted something, she stood still and stared until someone noticed. One day she had a prolonged stare. I tried to figure out what she wanted. She stomped her front paws on the dining room floor and these words came to mind “You are supposed to help God’s gentle creatures”. That was the day I decided to include animal communication as part of my business.
Initially, I made on-site calls to help animals. Due to requests from people who lived quite a distance from me, I started to provide distant communication sessions. When I look at pictures of animals, I am able to tell if they are having physical discomfort. I briefly feel in my body what they are feeling in theirs. Also covered in a session are any behavioral or emotional issues. The majority of problems are related to the humans in their life. Animals are very sensitive to human emotions. Specific details are revealed and suggestions for making improvements are given.
There were numerous times that I was able to help with physical and behavioral problems. Some were due to inadequate nutrition, health issues that were later checked & tested by veterinarians and changes made in the home environment that decreased stress.
Distant animal communication is available by email correspondence or Skype calls. If you have ever wondered what your pet would like you to know, an animal communicator may be able to tell you!

Barb Borkowski is owner of The Healing Journey in Ohio, USA. She is an animal communicator and energy therapist. Barb’s healing work with animals was featured on Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Ohio. She was also a guest on the Robin Swoboda Show, a morning TV show, in Cleveland. Barb’s educational background includes energy therapy, massage therapy and nursing.

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Animal Communication