Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub Product Review

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   December 18, 2013 08:21

What do I like about Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub?

The shipping was fast and efficient, packaged in a sturdy bubble wrap envelope, there was no danger of broken product.

The lid is simple to open, no childproofing to fight with - which could be a negative if you have young children.

The aroma is therapeutic in itself, but not overpowering and pungent.   There are hints of peppermint, cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary (plus more if you have a trained nose, I don’t.)  Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub is made of 100% natural, medicinal ingredients

"Our potent formula of Arnica and MSM that works quickly to soothe your aches and pains. Arnica Montana, used for centuries as Mother Nature’s pain reliever, soothes your tired, aching muscles. While MSM’s cell-regenerating properties penetrates deep into joints and tissue; increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and allowing joints to regain their flexibility."

The product is a light, clean cream, reminding me of a high quality lotion.

When you apply the product, it tingles on your skin – which is a sensation that I enjoy but does not get hot.  As you rub Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub into your skin, it absorbs readily leaving a pleasant, relaxing sensation.  When you reapply, there is no stickiness or heaviness.

Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub does not stain clothing!  That being said I tested in on my normal day wear of cotton or cotton blends, not silks.

The price point is very reasonable 60 ml is $22.00 Cdn and 120 ml is $42.00 Cdn.

The 60 ml size is very handy, small enough to go into a purse or a pocket. The 120 ml container is perfect for home.

Our son has growing pains in his legs, Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub definitely reduces his discomfort at bedtime.

I have early onset frozen shoulder, rehab is very painful and very slow.  When I apply Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub in the morning and in the evening, the overall pain and discomfort level is consistently reduced, allowing me to sleep and rest.

Rocky Mountain Rider Rescue Rub is definitely a HOT Canadian product, a perfect stocking stuffer for the Christmas season and a new staple in our household.  The 100% Risk Free, Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee is a bonus.


Rockey Mountain Rider Rescue Rub ships worldwide.

Contact Willow Mainprize of Vancouver, B.C. Canada (604 771 750) to order today!

Review by: Bonnie Newton

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