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Interesting Cases
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Fall Veterinary Questions

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   October 6, 2010 07:44


Q:  When should I deworm my horse? 


A:  Worm your horse after a good hard frost.  The frost will kill all bot flys which will lay eggs on your horse as well as reducing any chance of late hatching of oocytes in the pasture getting ingested.


Q:  When should I blanket my 18 yr old Thoroughbred mare. 


A:  Start blanketing when temperature drops below around 5degrees C at night or the days are cold and wet.  Make sure that in fall the blanket is removed when temperatures rise in the day to reduce the chance of sweat itch/molds occurring.  As soon as the temperature is consistently below 10 degrees C keep the blanket on continuously.


Q:   I am having a hard time weaning my foal who is six months old.  


A:   Is it important to wean them or will the her mother do it naturally.  In the wild a mother will generally wean its foal on it's own depending on the size of the foal and the available nutrients.  If the mother is fed adequately and has sufficient energy reserves and isn't pregnant she may not wean her foal.  Weaning is an important part of the development of the foal and the recovery of the brood mare and therefore it is very important for you to wean the foal.  Weaning is accomplished through a one to two month enforced separation.