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Full facilities for the management of equine health issues.

Dr. Harvey Domoslai, DVM
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Interesting Cases

A Loonie sized stone was removed from this geldings urethra at the end of his penis.

Interesting Cases
Horse Owner Today

Effective Deworming Techniques for CPVS Clients

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 29, 2013 12:53

A talk about effective equine deworming protocols by Dr. Ela Misuno DVM MVSc.   Dr. Misuno has had years of experience studying equine parasitology and strives to to educate horse owners in Saskatchewan about deworming.

The talk will be Tuesday May 14th at 7:00 pm in the Saskatoon Livestock Sales building. Seating is limited.
Please RSVP by calling our office at 306-384-7676 by Friday May 10th.

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Gelding Caught in Fence

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 13, 2013 09:10


Photo credits Dr. H. Domoslai DVM

This gelding caught himself in the fence, the result was a large laceration to his face. 

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