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Interesting Cases
Horse Owner Today

Suspect Pneumonia Lamb

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   March 20, 2014 09:41

Question:  We have a bottle feeding lamb who seems to be listless and breathing like a horse with heaves.
Should it get antibiotics?  The lamb is about 12-15 pounds, born March 3.

Answer:  Lambs are very susceptible to pneumonia.  Treat with antibiotic immediately, be certain that the antibiotic is for use on lambs and pneumonia.

Monitor the lamb closely. -Dr. D.

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Damaged Horn

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   March 20, 2014 09:14

Question:  Hi, we have a cow, 9 years old, that has managed to pull a horn off. (Seen Mar 4-2014) I didn't think such an event was possible! The horn was found in a feeder several days later. I am curious as to what will become of the tissue that supported the horn. I noticed today that she must have given that base a knock and caused a wound that has shed blood once again. I welcome your comments regarding this. •    It left the horn-shaped base as can be viewed in the first pic. And the sloughed horn that I picked up in the feeder is completely hollow.  Thanks! -Cheryl H.

Answer:  Then I would expect it may grow back similar to a broken part of hoof or missing nail on a person. The tissue left is horn corium, tissue that nourishes and supports the horn tissue. It will likely have granulation tissue on it now which bleeds very easily. If the cow is hard on it, or if it is too damaged, it may be better to have her dehorned and the site cauterized on that side. Or have a decorative brass cover made ;0) Dr. Lisa Wayman

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