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Interesting Cases

A Loonie sized stone was removed from this geldings urethra at the end of his penis.

Interesting Cases
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Cougar Takes Cow Near Saskatchewan River

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   January 29, 2015 10:08

A cougar took down a 1400 lb cow in the middle of a stubble field close to the Saskatchewan River, approximately 50 miles from Saskatoon.  

The cat ate at the kill site. 
The cougar then removed the skin from neck and shoulder with surgical precision, no tears.
The cougar then fed, eating approximately 40 pounds of meat from the neck and shoulder. No others eat while the cougar is feeding.

Photo credit Dr. Domoslai

Note the differences between cats and scavenger feeding patterns.   Cougars eat meat.  Scavengers eat the anus/intestines first.
As a comparison see the moose carcass, the intestines and anus are consumed first by scavengers.

Photo credit Dr. Domoslai

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