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Inflamed Ear

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 13, 2012 20:50

Question:  We have a young golden retriever, a farm dog.  She has one ear that looks perfectly normal, the other ear is red, itchy and dirty.  We do have farm cats, does she have ear mites?  The second question is how can we keep her out of the water troughs?  She is in the water continually, makes a mess in the troughs.  She is current on her shots, etc.

Answer:  Sounds like your dog is the victim of her forays into the water troughs.  Retriever ears are prone to this ailment because they don't dry out properly, good luck trying to keep her out of the water.  Stop at the clinic and pick up a tube of medication, changes the ph of the ear back to what is should be, simply to apply and inexpensive.  Dr. D.

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