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Cockapoo Panting

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 31, 2012 07:06

Question:  Hi guys!
But my 12 year old cockapoo pants heavily after having a chew stick, rawhide or even a beef bone.
Should I stop giving them to her? This has just started in the last little while. The other two dogs don't seem to have any problem.
Thank you.

Answer:  Fay,  likely the panting is a result of strenuous chewing or eating for a prolonged period and not breathing as deeply as she should while she is chewing.  Her body is telling her she needs to get her oxygen levels up and therefore she pants.  It could be just aging and reduced lung capacity or it could be other things.  Does she pant more when she exercises.
Thanks for the question, Dr. D.

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