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Interesting Cases
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posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 1, 2012 16:27

Question:  We have a flock of magpies, about 25-30 and they are making me crazy.  Squawking at 4 a.m., teasing the dog and cats, crapping everywhere in the yard. 
I have moved the pet food so the cats and dog eat, then the food is removed and placed inside.  We tried to place the pet food under a small table outside and the magpies just go under the table.  We no longer have a compost pile, buried that so there is no food source available to them.  They don’t go away, they just seem to multiply like fruit flies.  We are unfortunately in a “no shoot” zone so we can’t shotgun them out of existence.  What can we do to get rid of these pests?  Signed Desperate and Drowning in Magpies….

Answer:  There are a few brilliant live traps that work great.  One that is easy to make is a four-sided box made of chicken wire.  On the very middle of the wire top make a cylinder of wire about 8 inches wide and one foot long make this the entrance hole.  The magpie will land on top of trap and drop down onto the bait within the cage and when he tries to fly out the open wings will prevent his exit.  Bait with something tasty and in the morning you can translocate the magpies by lifting the trap up and carrying them many miles away.   The principle is the same as a fly or wasp trap made out of pop bottles. Dr. Domoslai DVM

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