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Interesting Cases

A Loonie sized stone was removed from this geldings urethra at the end of his penis.

Interesting Cases
Horse Owner Today

Recovering West Nile Horse

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 7, 2013 11:32

Effective Equine Deworming Protocols by Dr. Ela Misuno DVM MVSc.

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   May 6, 2013 13:08

Corman Park Veterinary Services Presents…
A talk about effective equine deworming protocols by Dr. Ela Misuno DVM MVSc.

Dr. Misuno has had years of experience studying equine parasitology and strives to educate horse owners in Saskatchewan about deworming.

Tuesday May 14 at 7:00 pm in the Saskatoon Livestock Sales building.

Seating is limited. Please RSVP to our office at 306-384-7676 by Friday May 10.

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Gelding Rubbing Face and Shoulders Raw

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 21, 2012 18:30

Question:  Hi Dr. Domaslai, I have a 9 yr old palomino gelding that started rubbing his mane on the pipe fence. I treated it with a fungicide spray. No luck. Now he is rubbing his face, neck and shoulders on the fence. He is rubbing raw places on his face. Ugh! He has never had this problem before. Any suggestions?

Answer:  Teresa;  I’d look closely in his ears and mane for any evidence of parasites or wheels or lesions from bug bites.  If he is sensitive to bug bites he could be reacting in this manner. Sometimes antihistamines or antiinflamatories can help and a good bug mask might give him some relief.  We also see some sun sensitive horses do this.   Does he have a bald face or pale pigmented in those areas?  If he is, a nice zinc ointment and a face mask may help.  Send pictures or get your vet to take a look if things don’t improve.
Dr. D.

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Allergic Reaction

Moon Blindness

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 18, 2012 16:44

Question: Hi Dr. Harvey, greetings from Whitewood. I have a 17 yr old Clyde mare who has been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder of her eyes (moon blindness) . They are often cloudy and there is irritation and discharge; she seems to be somewhat light-sensitive and they are getting cloudier for more of the time. She seems to drive fine with another horse but is hesitant and hyper-alert in new circumstances so her eyesight is failing. Is there anything I can do to ease her discomfort?

Answer:  Thanks for the query Janet, nice to hear from my hometown!  You can ease your mare's discomfort by applying an anti-inflammatory medication topically, provide shade as the eyes become very light sensitive and get her a fly mask.  Be proactive with her management Janet!  -Dr. D.

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Black Fungus?

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 29, 2012 07:15

Question: Hi, I have a 4 year old warmblood cross who has been coughing for 11 days now. I had my vet out on day 7 and he checked him over, temperature was normal, clear lungs, heart rate just a little high. He thought that it is probably a sore throat. Said the cough was non productive. There is only a little nasal discharge. He gave him an immune booster shot. the horse is still coughing. Recently I heard of a horse at my friends stable being put down because it had black fungus in is thoatjQuery152035582498520400896_1340975752383? What are the symptoms of that? Could that be what my horse has? do you have any suggestions for my horse. Thank you Danette

Answer:  Hi Danette.  Black fungus would be likely a little more apparent and the vet would have picked up on it.  I’d say your on the right track to just monitor him and if it doesn’t get better in a few days have him rechecked.  It’s not uncommon for a horse to pick up a virus that stays in there system for a few weeks or more and give a constant non-productive cough without any other signs.  If your horse fevers or goes off feed or your really worried don’t hesitate to take him back to your vet for a recheck.
Dr. D.

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Swamp Fever Scare In Saskatchewan

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 12, 2012 20:17


CPVS recently tested 2 horses at the request of their owners for Swamp Fever.  The horses were from distinctly separate premises, both were displaying suspect symptoms/behaviour.  Both horses tested NEGATIVE for swamp fever.  We are pursuing other avenues of investigation at this time.

CPVS would like to thank these owners for being proactive in the management of their herds.

Dr. Harvey Domoslai, DVM

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West Nile, when to vaccinate?

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   March 6, 2012 19:48

Q:  When should horse owners administer their west nile vaccine?

A:  The vaccine will be west nile plus ewt combo vaccine not just west nile virus. Best to give mid May to end of July because west nile is usually an August and September disease.
Boosting will give highest immunity in first 3 to 4 months afterwards even though protective for a whole year.
If you have a pregnant mare vaccinate one month before foaling.
If you have a foal of a vaccinated mare start a series of 3 vaccinations once a month at 3 months.  
If the mare was not vaccinated prior to foaling, start at 5 months which may mean for some it is November by the time foal is 5 months, which is after mosquito season. Those foals can be started on their series the following April so
April-May-June. Dr Lisa Wayman DVM.