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Interesting Cases

A Loonie sized stone was removed from this geldings urethra at the end of his penis.

Interesting Cases
Horse Owner Today

Bots and Dogs

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   December 7, 2012 08:59

We removed 4 bots from 4 dogs this summer. 

The dogs were brought in with odd swellings, this is what was removed!

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Why Deworm Twice?

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 26, 2012 19:27

Question:  I have added a new horse to our herd. I have dewormed once.
My question is: how long should I wait to do a second dose?
It's been a week and there were lots of worms in the feces.
Answer:  You can deworm again anytime now. The only reason for 2 dewormings is to avoid worm impaction from big kill off.
Dr. Lisa Wayman DVM

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Abnormal Worm Counts in Sask.

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   March 2, 2012 07:07

I have had a number of calls lately about horses on a regular, consistent deworming program actually passing worms.

Normally we would have a significant snow pack covering the ground, preventing

the horses from picking up parasite eggs.  Horses that are exposed to grassy

pasture are coming in contact with more eggs than normal.

The solution is to give an additional wormer now, followed by the normal wormer in April/May.

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