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Interesting Cases

A Loonie sized stone was removed from this geldings urethra at the end of his penis.

Interesting Cases
Horse Owner Today

Interesting Case # 11 Frost Damaged Penis

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   February 19, 2013 12:34

This summer 25 year old gelding competing

Gelding was kicked in the sheath area, then prolapsed resulting in a frost damaged penis

Gelding now recovering in Corman Park Vet Clinic.

Prednisone Side Effects

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   May 30, 2012 10:10

Ask a Vet from: Jamie W.

Question: Hey Dr. Domoslai! Ive seen you a few times with my boys (Loki and Buddy) Buddy was there recently for a really really inflamed groin area and eyes with a lot of mucus(not sure if thats what it is). You prescribed him Prednisone 50mg, since I started giving him the 1.5 tablets every 12 hours(for 8 days its instructed) - his belly has SLIGHTLY become less irritated and the sores are starting to go away (he has a cone) but I'm really concerned he is peeing and going poop so much! And drinking water like crazy (he normally has a sip and that's it). When he pee's it isnt just a quick pee either - I counted over 1 minute long pee's each time. Is that normal? Also his eyes they still have quite a bit of mucus - they clear up later in the day but an hour or so after I give him his pills they get mucus in them. any ideas?

Thanks, Jamie

Answer:  Prednisone causes increased drinking and appetite so increased output expected. Dr. Wayman DVM

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Interesting Case #3, July 25, 2011 update Feb 15, 2012

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 25, 2011 08:43


Photo & story credit:  Dr. Domoslai DVM

This four year old gelding was presented with swelling and difficulty peeing.  Initially we thought he had been kicked but at sedation a Loonie sized kidney/bladder stone was removed from his urethra, at the end of his penis.  This gelding may have to have his penis amputated, we are treating him conservatively and are still hopeful.

October 4, 2011 update

This four year old gelding recovered very well.  Recently he began exhibiting similar symptoms as before, the result was another huge stone removed from his penis.  His diet and water source have been changed.


February 15, 2011


  Dr. Domoslai here, I would like to update you on an interesting case.  The bucking horse finally succumbed and on post-mortem had his entire kidneys and bladder were filled with large stones (approximately one gallon of material similar to the scale in a tea kettle)

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