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Tick Removal

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 6, 2011 08:03

Q:  Okay, first tick on the dog (that I saw), she has sores on the same ear that look suspiciously like the place I removed the tick.

My solution:  Soak tick in isopropyl alcohol for several minutes then pull, steadily until the tick came off and threw it in the fire.

Is this recommended removal?


A:  Ticks can transmit disease as soon as they bite although Lyme disease is rare, there has been a case in Outlook and an odd one throughout Saskatchewan. 

Tick removal can be accomplished by the way you did it ie isopropyl alcohol but sometimes noxious stuff just serves to make them clamp down I like to try to quickly grab them by the base of there neck with a tweezer or finger nails and pull them out with steady pressure.  The worst that can happen is the head breaks off then it acts like a splinter and festers out.