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EHV Safety This Summer

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 15, 2011 11:48

Question: Hi, I am wondering if it is safe to take my horses to local fairs and rodeos this summer? How long is the virus able to live on surfaces and equipment? If the risk is quite high I would rather not travel with them this summer. Thank you.

Answer:  Good questions.  Possible EHV neurological exposure needs to be approached from a practical standpoint.  As of today we know there are no new neurological cases in Saskatchewan, all cases were quarantined and isolated for 28 days. 

There is always a very, very low risk of EHV infection. 

Horse owners have to manage that risk by being proactive starting with vaccination, be aware that the virus is most active in the spring, practise good bio security.  Bio security includes asking questions of the facility/event managers such as "have you  had a positive neurological case on your property, if so when?", tie your horse separate and apart from others (instead of beside or head to head) at the event, don't allow your horse contact other horses at the event (ie:  while waiting for your class keep distant from the surrounding horses), do not pet the horses at the event-the virus can be transfered by that action, clean your tack, your clothes etc if a horse blows snot on it.

The virus is soft shelled, will live on surfaces in snot, is easily killed by exposure to the elements, soap and water, bleach and other disinfectants.