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Equine Rabies Questions

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 4, 2011 10:54


Q:  How does a horse get rabies?

A:  In Sask. we get rabies mostly from bats and skunks,  and it must be saliva from an infected animal to the blood of the horse ie.) the skin must be broken.

Q:  Can you vaccinate your horse for rabies?

A:  Yes a vaccine approved for horses is available and is a one shot modified live vaccine.

Q:  Is there a risk involved with vaccination?  (A stallion died last year after he was vaccinated for rabies.)

A:  All vaccines can cause an anaphalxis and one should always have epinephrine on hand for this.  The vaccine is an modified live vaccine and is approved on label for horses so Id say no greater risk than any other vaccine.

Q:  What are the symptoms of rabies in a horse?

A:  Horses usually get the dumb form of rabies ie depression drooling unable to swallow ie water

Q:  How common is equine rabies? In Sask.? in the southern U.S.?

A:  In Sask rabies in horses is rare more common out east where the vector are fox and racoons much more likely to catch a horse than a skunk. Rabies Vaccine in eastern Canada is a core vaccine.

Q:  Do horses recover from rabies?

A:  No if an unvaccinated horse gets rabies it is fatal