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Interesting Cases

A Loonie sized stone was removed from this geldings urethra at the end of his penis.

Interesting Cases
Horse Owner Today

Interesting Case #6 September 8, 2011

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 8, 2011 21:19


This young gelding presented with weight loss and a toe dragging hind legged lameness.  Notice the slight rise in the croup area and the buttress toed hind limbs.  An interesting note is that he has been consuming the tails of his pasture mates.  He is the only long haired horse remaining.  We suspect a Phosphorous/Calcium deficiency leading to irregularities or injury to the lumbar region of  the spine.   Concurrent with this is a possible cecal hair ball accumulation.


October 4, 2011 update.  This gelding was treated with calcium and phosphorus minerals, drenched with mineral oil, no cecal hair ball accumulation has been dislodged.  Coordination is degrading, if the gelding is led over a rail and can see it, he will lift his feet over.  If he is led over the same rail, unable to see the rail, he will stumble.  Physical condition is slowly degrading.