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posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 22, 2011 10:12

Q: Hi Dr.Domoslai, we are looking at purchasing our first horse for our 12 year old daughter. She wants to start jumping and the horse we are looking at is a cribber. But he is a real sweet heart and my daughter loves him. However we are not 100% sure if this would be a wise investment?? If you could help us out, that would be most appreciated. Thanks so much.

A:  Thanks for the question.  Cribbing is a life-long issue that requires continual intensive management, with the potential for a multitude of other health issues cropping up that are directly related to the cribbing.  I would consider alternate horses before making a final decision on this one.  Potential options include, perhaps a 3 month trial with a total return of the horse pending the cribbing issue.