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Cat Bite on Human - Rabies?

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 28, 2011 07:08

Q: I got bit by a say wild kitten on 9/16. Our cat had the kitten but it hadnt been around and just showed up on the porch so I picked it up, it was scared because its not around people. The kitten bit my finger 3 times, drew blood all 3 spots, not deep. in fact it healed by say the next day. the kitten looked healthy. i seen it also 4 days later and it looked healthy. no pain at the bite site. But i havent seen the kitten since then. Coincidence or not, i started having back pain and now a lymph node in my neck is swollen. Should i be concerned about rabies or anything. I did not go to the doctor for this.

A: Definitely go see your MD. Tomorrow. Not so much for rabies risk although possible. Sounds like infection from tiny punctures from cat teeth and claws that harbour many bacteria and are too small to clean out properly. Your lymph node is enlarged because it is trying to produce cells that will fight off the bacteria. You will prob need antibiotics or can get bad quickly. If rabies on list you need to get hyper immunized ASAP that means rabies vaccine every 2 weeks for several times. Don't wait and see.

answered by:  Dr.Lisa Wayman