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TICKS! What to do!

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   May 28, 2012 07:38

Question:  TICKS!!!! We just adopted an older Aussie, and pulled 20 some ticks off him the first day we had him. Lately I have found two ticks in the house, not on him. What to do to make my dogs stink to the ticks, so they stop hitching a ride inside? I put some of that medicine on his shoulders, and then a tick collar for good measure, but they are everywhere this year. We've never seen so many ticks.

Advantix repels  and kills attached ticks.  Ticks have been especially bad this year and we're not quite sure which tick medicine you used on your dog but vet clinics have a tick medicine that is applied on the back along the spine on skin, that is called Advantix and it is a 95% deterrent against ticks.It is effective for one month at a time. We suggest that you wait before using this product if you have already used another product until the previous one wears off and the collar is not required with the Advantix. Keep checking anyway and pulling off and crush or burn the tick.

You could also use one of the combo mosquito and tick repellent sprays before going out with dog.  Dr. Lisa Wayman DVM

Liz,  sometimes the male ticks will hitch a ride inside or a female will jump off without feeding on your dog.  Nothing can be done outside of what Dr. Wayman has recommended but daily checks to remove any ticks found on your body. Dr. Domoslai DVM

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