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Interesting Cases
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Gelding Has Allergic Reaction

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 16, 2012 08:57

Question:  Hi there Dr. Domoslai, I have quite a concern with my gelding's neck. He has a swelling that seems to be getting larger and harder as the day goes on. I took some pics from this morning and this afternoon. I think he may need to be seen. Unless a bug bite could do this much inflammation?! There isn't an obvious location of a bite, no scratch, no sign of anything on the exterior.

Answer:  Thanks for contacting me quickly.  Your gelding looks like he is having some allergic reaction to bug bites.   We are cold hosing and rubbing him down.   He is receiving  bute and if there is no improvement by morning, we will add an antihistamine and an antiinflamatory.

Recognition and rapid response often curtail a potentially serious or fatal result, great job by the owner in this case. Dr. D.