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Torn Cruciate Ligament

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 1, 2012 17:14

Question:  Greetings! Dave and Dawn recommended you. I have a 6 year-old American Bulldog who was diagnosed by a "drawer test" as having a torn cruciate ligament. The vet recommened TTA surgery. Is this the only option? I'm currently trying non-surgical recovery. He's been on restricted activity for 4-5 weeks so far. I found a website that highly recommends this approach. It seems it can in fact be successful. If surgery is necessary, is there a less intrusive, less expensive option? If so, what? I look forward to hearing from you!! Noah

Answer: Hi Noah.  Surgury for a torn cruciate sometimes is the only option especially for a big brawny guy like an American Bulldog.  Conservative approaches certainly can work and I sure wouldn’t hesitate to try and see if you see results.  Either method is going to end up with some arthritis and a stiff knee so good luck.  I like getting these dogs on glucosamine and condroitin as well as omega 3 fatty acids to help the knee and slow the onset of arthritis.  By the way I had both my cruciates torn and one I had the surgery and the other I healed conservatively both are the same ten years later.
Dr. Harv Domoslai, DVM

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