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Cartier Equine Center, Academy of Equine Assisted Learning

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   March 14, 2011 15:05

 We Welcome this opportunity to introduce you to the Cartier Equine Learning Center’s BuildingBlock™ Learning Program Series© and the certified Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) courses.  The program series is specially designed to facilitate the building of personal development skills, while using ‘Horse Sense’.  The Learning Center’s instructors and facilitation experts will show you how to increase your businesses’ marketability and income potential by incorporating equine-assisted learning into your business by:

 • providing you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge of the horse industry;

 • teach you how to develop your own equine-assisted facility/business;

 • and/or compliment your existing social service/counseling business.


Learning how to become a competent, certified EAL facilitator with the help of horses is not only a fun and exciting career choice but is now available and affordable through the Cartier Equine Learning Center.  In the past, horse handlers, human behavior specialists and equine facilities interested in offering equine-assisted learning experiences have struggled with curriculum development that can adequately service their clients needs since there has been little to no educational guides available.  Individual experimentation has been the most common approach, leaving an up and coming industry wondering where and how to start.


Equine-Assisted Learning: 

Cartier Equine Learning Center’s BuildingBlock™ Learning Program Series© not only offers the first nationally recognized certified BuildingBlock™ Equine-Assisted Learning Course© in the nation but the first standardized educational equine-assisted learning format. 


The Learning Center also provides a complete educational curriculum for immediate implementation upon graduation.  This interactive educational guide is designed to lead you through to successfully facilitating a wide range of different sized groups, varying in age and abilities.


"Learning to Lead Through Horses©", "A Healing Through Horses©" and "Individual Skills Development Through Horses©" are three equine-assisted learning curriculum that have been designed to focus on developing leadership skills in some, life-skills in those at-risk and special skills in participants with special needs.  These series of exercises are delivered through a “building-block interactive format’, that have been developed with the express intent of assisting horses with identifying particular outcomes.


Why Horses? 

Horses are extremely sensitive, aware of their surroundings and quick to react.  For their mere survival, a wild horse, must constantly be on his guard.  Through herd training, they learn the value of trust and respect.  Nature provides them with instincts and senses that are very astute.  They watch for the slightest movement and look for threatening body posture.  Horses have the innate ability to discern the difference between a calm non-threatening approach as opposed to perceived anxious nervous energy.  If one can understand how and why horses have this ability to be aware of our every movement — one will come to understand how these unique programs positively effect individuals facing challenges in their lives.  This astute sensitivity of the horse acts as a mirror to reflect the difficulties an individual may have.  Proper facilitation provides an opportunity to direct the individual how to succeed long term.


How does equine-assisted learning affect individual participants?


Equine-Assisted Learning has proven to be a practical approach to teaching participants alternative skills to draw from when faced with difficult challenges in an effort to overcome negative influences. 


Cartier Equine Learning Center’s BuildingBlock™ Equine-Assisted Learning Course© is designed to bring out the best in those who participate while using ‘Horse Sense’.  The Learning Center has customized progressive learning experiences that focus on enhancing skills to help groups and individuals develop relationships; accept responsibility and accountability; overcome barriers and find change; encourage creative and innovative thinking; find opportunity in working together; realize the benefits associated with effective communication; and recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity.


Join Us on this powerful journey of teaching, learning and understanding; explore the integrating feedback from horses while we teach you how to develop your professional facilitation skills. 


  Equine Assisted Learning quite simply . . . It works