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Equine Enterprise Profile – Cuatro L Andalusians with Carlos and Brenda Lara by Carol M. Upton

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 6, 2012 06:29


Most horse-lovers find themselves entranced by the sight of the regal Andalusian. We may have seen them in such fantasy epics as The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, or watched them turn in a breath-taking Grand Prix performance. They are one of the oldest and noblest breeds of horse in the world, unforgettable to see no matter what discipline you may favour.

Cuatro L Andalusians, located on 4,000 acres in Wainwright, Alberta, is the largest exclusively Pura Raza Espanola (PRE - translated as “Pure Spanish Horse”) breeding facility in Canada. They have the widest selection of horses for sale, at all ages, genders and levels of training.

Cuatro Owner Carlos Lara, who has been riding since the age of 4, has a great passion for horses, handed down to him by his father. After moving from Mexico to Canada, he searched for a business he could love that would also remind him of his home country and breeding the Spanish/PRE horse has fulfilled this criteria.


Carlos Riding

                                                             Photo credit Johane Jenelle                                                            

Honouring four generations of equine tradition, Cuatro L Andalusian Breeding Centre was established in 1999 by Carlos and Brenda Lara to bring Spanish bred Andalusians to North America. They identified Canadian demand for these horses, spent four months in Spain to find the best breeders, and decided on the foundation stock that they then shipped to Canada as their first herd. 

The Laras see their mission as the introduction of the versatile Andalusian to Canada, for use not only in dressage, but for riders of all disciplines. It is their goal to increase the popularity of the breed in Canada. At the Centre, they continually demonstrate that the Andalusian is not only a good option in competitive riding, but in some areas also the best, due to athletic ability, intelligence and amazing disposition. 

“The PRE horse, with exceptional character and willingness to please, is one of the easiest to train,” Lara explains. “They are also incredibly athletic and brave, since they were used for centuries in war and in bull fighting.”


Cuatro Stallion

                                                                Photo credit Johane Jenelle

Horse care, breeding, work with foals, maintenance of the grounds, and training are all part of a typical day at Cuatro. Currently, there are 12 horses in training from green broke to Grand Prix level. As the facility is only open to the public April to September, they are now in the midst of their busiest season.

The Laras cite discipline, hard work, perseverance, and a passion for horses as essential qualities for working in the breeding business.  Lara sees his Latin American background and extensive experience in the PRE horse industry as a particular strength in offering the best Andalusians in Canada and in educating the equine enthusiast population in all aspects of the PRE horse.

Future plans include a stronger marketing and promotion campaign. Cuatro’s exceptional Andalusians are a powerful testament to the obvious passion the Laras have for everything they undertake. That leaves no doubt that they will reach the next level with their larger vision of ultimately providing horses for export to the United States.

Cuatro L is the largest exclusively Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) breeding facility in Canada and they focus only on the ancient Cerrado en Bocado bloodline. Nothing is spared to produce animals of the very best caliber. Visit Cuatro and the Laras at: http://www.andalusianbreeder.com

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