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You Can Change Your Choice – Equestrians Step Up to the Anti-Bullying Plate at Mane Event in Chilliwack

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   November 2, 2012 16:38

By Yvonne Allen, Director of Voice for the Horse

The Mane Event Expo 2012 held October 19 -21 in Chilliwack was an extremely heartfelt experience this year, much different than many of our other equine events. Voice For The Horse has been working strategically to fulfill our mission of “forever bridging the gap between horse and humans in our modern day world today and into our futures” and we are pleased to have put into place a strong set of resources to spread our message virtually on empowerment through horses, addressed especially to children who face bullying in their lives.
On Friday evening we joined many other groups across Canada and did a Vigil for Amanda Todd at our booth at the Mane Event. We decorated a beautiful table to include a lovely poster we made stating our promise to Amanda that Voice For The Horse would do everything within our power to put a stop to the bullying children experience today. We also wrote a direct message from the horse addressing the bully; these words touched the heart of many who stopped by to pay their respects.
One thing which was acknowledged and repeatedly agreed upon by all the horse people we talked to, including many children, was that horses strengthen our characters. We know if more children had access to the horse and the lessons they teach us so naturally, many more children today would be walking taller and saying NO to the bully.
To assist us in fulfilling our mission and sending out our message to say NO to bullying, Voice For The Horse has created a virtual horse character through Flat Stanley which will be available on a phone app as well as through the Flat Stanley Project - http://www.noshowequinecelebritygala.org/viewcategory/16
We are excited to implement this tool where we can share with every child empowerment from the horse. We know this will strengthen children, not only in their character, but also teach them that the animals in our lives have much to offer us and deserve respect, in particular the horse.
We are extremely fortunate to have had Alexis Gordon join up with VFTH to assist us in our mission of eradicating bullying, to the best of our ability. Alexis attended the Mane Event with us on Saturday and brings with her much experience in combating bullying. She has been part of an anti-bullying group for the last 5 years called Power to Stay Away (PSA). Our organization is also very fortunate to have as Ambassador 13 year old Cole Armour who dedicates much energy, in particular through his music, to support kids who are being bullied. Cole most recently performed a song he wrote in the summer of 2012 called “U” dedicated to the victims of bullying, on the CTV Morning Show which was done as a tribute for Amanda Todd on the day of her Vigil and we have included that link in Resources below.
We hope we have sparked an interest in your heart in that you will come visit us on our web site at www.voiceforthehorse.com We are a grassroots initiative founded back in 2007 where we initially set out on our mission stated above. Today we have more than fulfilled our mission beyond our wildest dreams. Voice For The Horse is a non-profit organization registered in the province of B.C. We promote fine art projects for children to include literacy the horse as our subject and network internationally through both social media and our web site to further promote the presence horses in our lives.

Equine-Assisted Resources for Youth:
In Saskatchewan:

Cartier Equine Learning Center in Prince Albert offers Youth Programs:http://www.horseownertoday.com/vendor.aspx?vid=27

In Alberta:

Calgary’s Equine Connection specializes in equine-assisted therapy for bullying in schools and workplace: www.equineconnection.ca

In British Columbia:

Voice for the Horse – a grass-roots organization creating a kinder world through horses with our children: www.voiceforthehorse.com

VFTH Ambassador Cole Armour performs his new anti-bullying song ‘U’ at the Port Moody Festival of the Arts in September 2012. This is a powerful message of hope and healing directed at young people around the world. http://colearmour.com/video.html

You Can Change Your Choices – A Message from the Horse by Voice for the Horse:

Youth with Purpose – A New Kind of Horsepower including programs for pre-teens is offered through Unbridling Your Brilliance:

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Equine Enterprise Profile – Performance Equine Therapy with Amanda Duerr by Carol M. Upton

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 13, 2012 17:16


Human beings are embracing natural wellness for themselves these days and Amanda Duerr is doing much the same for equine athletes with her Saskatchewan-based Performance Equine Therapy. Duerr’s mission is to provide quality Equine Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Acupressure, but also to help educate owners so they may care for their equine partners at a higher level. She promotes wellness through injury prevention and health maintenance.

Duerr grew up on a farm where horses were a part of daily life. Her family encouraged both the competitive and recreational sides of horses. Duerr subsequently spent every summer at shows or rodeos, took strongly to the performance/sport horse area and studied for years with different industry professionals. She developed a passion for animal health and decided to pursue a career caring for equine athletes.

“I set my standards high in gaining experience in sports therapy and equine rehabilitation,” says Duerr. “The demand for quality equine therapy programs for Canadian horses was strong and this led to the start-up of Performance Equine Therapy.”

Duerr’s business is unique in that her programs are developed, in collaboration with owners, coaches and trainers, according to each horse’s specific needs. She takes pride in offering full spectrum care and a holistic approach based on sound medical knowledge. A typical day is extremely busy and may include working in a clinic atmosphere, attending to horses that are hauled to appointments, or going on the road to individual barns. Duerr  says she finds her joy in seeing results in the horses.

“Whether it’s helping horse and rider reach a  higher performance level, working on a maintenance program or simply achieving better life quality, it all comes down to a healthier, happier horse.” 

One of Duerr’s biggest business challenges is juggling appointments while on the road. She asks owners to provide her 48 hour notice of rescheduling and she also leaves small spaces in her day so that cancellations or changes do not create insurmountable difficulties.

Duerr suggests that anyone interested in starting an equine therapy business ought to acquire as much education and experience in the field as possible. She equates success with the amount of drive a person has to better themselves and for her that means staying current on new therapies, being an active member of the horse industry and attending seminars on a regular basis.

Future plans for Performance Equine Therapy include new program and resource development. Simply put, Duerr loves her healing work and sees in it endless benefits to both horse and rider.
About Amanda Duerr

Amanda Duerr is a Certified Equine Therapist who has been providing chiropractic/massage care for several years. Her gentle holistic approach and natural solutions for common health issues have improved the lives and performance capabilities of horses throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. When she’s not working, she trains barrel horses and participates in rodeos. Visit Amanda at: www.performance-equinetherapy.com

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