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Equine Enterprise Profile: Prue Critchley and Empres

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 21, 2012 07:38




Prue Critchley's horse breeding business began with the purchase of a Morgan mare in 1987.  We had emigrated from the UK in 1982 and I was finally able to fulfill my dream of owning horses.  Shortly after Prue purchased an Arabian gelding, Keylyn TH Censor,  for endurance and competitive trail.  He completed 4500 miles in competition including the Tevis - one day 100 mile ride in Calfornia.   She enjoyed the characteristics so much that she decided to breed her mare to his sire.  This produced Prue's next Endurance and CTR horse, Fort William+/ who has completed over 5000 miles in competition.
2002 brought a major purchase to Prue's farm,  a beautiful Arabian stallion, Perdition VF (Probat x Peleryna by Algomej.)  He died very unexpectedly in 2010 - Prue was devastated to lose her special stallion. 
When *Empres became available on the sale market, Prue's thoughts were "  Here is another beautiful stallion with a very similar pedigree, A few months later, he was mine!"
*Empres is a son of the legendary horse Monogramm, his dam, Empressa, a Polish National Champion mare is by Probat.  Empressa is from Michalow's famous "E" line and includes the stallions Eukaliptus, Bandos and Celebes.
*Empres was born at Michalow State Stud, Poland in 1995 under the direction of Ignacy Jaworowski. He was Top Five colt at the Polish National Junior Show in 1996.  He successfully raced in Warsaw as a three year old and then stood at stud at various farms in Poland until he was sold through the Polish sale in 2002.  Empres relocated to the Netherlands and was shown at the Dutch National Stallion Show where he earned First Premium in 2003 and the Belgian Stallion Licencing, Gold Certification also in 2003.
Empres was exported to the US in 2008 where he was shown at several shows including Scottsdale where he achieved Top Fives and Top Tens in halter and sport horse classes. 
On arriving in Canada, Empres was shown in Sport Horse and in Main Ring Halter.  Empres finished the year top ten in Stallion Breeding.
2012 saw Empres winning Championship in Sport Horse In Hand at this year's Canadian National show. Empres went on to Top Ten in the large Sport Horse Under Saddle, placing 4th.
"September 2012,  Empres will be coming home to spend the winter relaxing and being ridden by myself." says Prue
Empres has sired 25 foals in Poland, several have been successful race horses, one has excelled in dressage and was named the Top Arabian Horse Under Saddle in 2009.  He has 2 foals in the US and one in Australia.  
Empres was CA and SCIDs tested upon entry into Canada.  He is SCIDs clear but a CA carrier.  We ask all mare owners to test their mares prior to breeding and only negative mares will be bred to ensure that no CA foals are ever produced.  So many of the great horses of the past have been carriers for both genetic diseases and it is fortunate now that testing is available so that potential disaster can be avoided.
"Empres' future looks very rosy!  He is enjoying the dressage and shows well in hand - with his wonderful disposition he has a lot to offer the Arabian horse world and we are so enjoying being a part of his success both in the ring and the breeding shed.  He will return to DJ Cairns next year for further training and showing."




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Equine Enterprise Profile – Thunderbird Horse Center Ltd. with Neil and Kathy McLeod by Carol M. Upton

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 14, 2012 11:48


Neil McLeod has been riding continuously since he was 6 years old, but he says he could not have predicted where his love of horses and training them would eventually take him.

On a recent visit to Brandon, Manitoba I was delighted to tour Thunderbird Horse Center and learn more about the humble beginnings of this family-owned and operated business. McLeod sees his own curiosity and desire to learn as two of the qualities that resulted in what is now one of Canada’s largest training and AQHA breeding facilities. Owners from across North America come to buy some of the best AQHA horses or send their horses here for Neil’s brand of performance training. Thunderbird bred and trained horses consistently win in Roping, Working Cow Horse, AQHA Versatility, Reining and Ranch Horse Competitions across the country.

Thunderbird Horse Center is home to approximately 100 AQHA horses that have been produced through a 30 year, six generation breeding program. During my visit, I also saw  beautifully-maintained facilities. Most striking is the unique “No Boundaries” Equine Challenge course, a layout of 15 obstacles designed to measure horsemanship abilities in a controlled environment. Neil obligingly demonstrated the skills in hand of his own equine athlete Pompasas, who appeared to enjoy climbing up and posing on the pedestals as much as we enjoyed watching him. This course is the site of the exciting No Boundaries Equine Challenge, a sponsored event organized annually by Thunderbird Horse Center.

Neil and his partner Kathy exhibit all the strengths of successful business people, particularly a down-to-earth sense of ethics.

“We aim to treat all customers and clients fairly and honestly,” McLeod says. “Our mission is to create the very best horses we can with the time and resources we have available.”

Days at Thunderbird are filled with the maintenance of horses, completing registrations, office administration, special events, training and lessons. Neil does a lot of ground work with each horse and operates from the premise of understanding what a horse is thinking and feeling. The McLeods see their biggest challenge as “how to get 20 hours out of a 10 hour day.” Organization and building a great team helps to overcome this challenge. Their advice to anyone wanting to start a breeding/training program includes the recognition that it is never about the money. It is about beating the odds with the desire to see a vision become reality.

“Never quit learning,” Neil suggests, “in all walks of life. When horsemanship is good, it will never let you down.”

Patience, hard work and never losing sight of the dream has paid off for the McLeods. Their future plan is a simple one – to make Thunderbird Horse Center the best it can be. Looks like that may have been already achieved!

Thunderbird Horse Center was established in 1977 and has grown to one of Canada’s foremost producers of quality performance bred AQHA horses. We have something for everyone from prospects to well-broke show ready horse and we also offer lessons, boarding and training. Visit us in-person or at http://www.thunderbirdhorses.com/cms/

Carol Upton (604) 886-8951
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Smartphones for Business

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 10, 2012 06:53

Smartphones are a new way of taking your information with you, accessing it at a moment’s notice, and sharing that information in a convenient manner. Styles and name brands vary, but the point of a smartphone is to be able to connect with people through up to 3 ways:

1) Web Browsing – This is the easiest to understand, since it is like opening a web page on your computer and surfing the internet, except you can do this right from your phone to look up a product’s website, look up a phone number or address, or look up your favorite news site.

2) Apps – This is short for applications, and these are small parts of software that do various singular tasks. Some of them connect to the internet, and some do not. Facebook is an example of an app, but so is a simple app like a calculator.

3) Email – Smartphones are a wonderful way of streamlining all of your email accounts into one device for easy reference and replying. They are so convenient that you can access them with a touch of a finger. Darryl Tanasychuk,

Mobile Department Visions Electronics 2731 Faithful Ave Saskatoon,

Saskatchewan S7K 7C3

kiosk19@visions.ca 306-664-3666 Phone 306-664-4441 Fax

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Equine Enterprise Profile: Thunderfoot Studio with Vivian Harder by Carol M. Upton

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 3, 2012 14:45



Drawing and painting horses has come naturally to Vivian Harder and is always at the heart of her work in Thunderfoot Studio.  She has owned horses her entire life, knows their anatomy intimately, and strives to bring their spirit and power to every painting she does.

Harder’s artistic talent appeared in early childhood and she sold her first horse painting at age 14.  After graduating art school, she started out by freelancing logos and brochures.

“It was a job but I had no passion for it.  I decided I wanted to work in the horse industry and paint horses.  I live in Langley B.C., where every farm has horses, so I was lucky that a market for my work existed here.”

Harder describes the development of her equine art business as an “ongoing dance”.  This dance includes attending endless trade and art shows, handing out brochures, getting into galleries, volunteering, networking with the equine industry, and painting, painting, painting.  No two days are ever the same.  She may be creating packaging graphics for horse treats one minute and finishing a commission of galloping horses the next.

“I always start my equine paintings with accurate illustrations, drawing inspiration from photos, memories and reference material from my horsey lifestyle; then I put those things aside and let my free spirit take me where it will.”

Harder’s joy is working with horses and their people, learning something new each day and finding creative freedom.  Her greatest challenge is in marketing, as it is for so many equine businesses.  She would prefer to just paint and not have to work the business side, but she knows that is unrealistic.

Overcoming such a challenge is not easy.  Harder has joined equestrian and artist groups whose members offer support and networking opportunities.  Aside from talent, the advice she offers to those who would like to start a career in equine art is to be outgoing, find your market and introduce your work to them.  It is important to be visible.

Future plans for Thunderfoot Studio include seeking more representation.  Harder feels that the less time she spends on marketing, the more time she can spend in her studio, where luminous colors and sleek equine images bloom, and she can continue creating the fresh, imaginative work that is uniquely hers.

Vivian Harder’s life-long joy has been sharing her art with others and she is known for her unique style of painting, which combines realism with the creativity of vibrant, sensual strokes of color in oils and watercolors. A love of animals and nature, combined with a compelling desire to draw and paint have been the artistic driving forces in Vivian’s life since she was a young child. Visit Vivian at www.thunderfootstudio.com

Carol Upton (604) 886-8951
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7 Key Tips for Small Business

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 26, 2012 17:34

Gregory Buck, CA
Munro & Company, Chartered Accountants

Small businesses get attacked by Canada Revenue Agency quite often so keep the following in mind:

1.    Nothing is deductible unless supported by a proper invoice, including the vendor’s HST/GST number.  Don’t think a credit card receipt will suffice.

2.    Register for your own GST/HST.  Even small businesses can benefit.

3.    Ensure you have support for all deposits made to your bank account.  On audit, CRA will call that deposit “unreported income” if you have inadequate support.  So that loan from Dad.    Document it and get proof of where it came from.  Cash deposits?  If no support, then don’t deposit them in your account.  Remember, CRA don’t care about your opinion.  They care about facts!!

4.    Keep good records.  There are lots of small computerized record keeping software solutions out.  Intuit’s Quicken, Microsoft’s Money or NetSuite are good starters.  Quickbooks and Simply Accounting are good for a little larger business.

5.    Farming activities can be filed on a cash basis.  This is sometimes an advantage. If you elect to use a cash basis you cannot go back to accrual.  So evaluate your options before committing.  You may want to get advice from a qualified accountant.

6.    Payment solutions like PayPal and E-transfer will keep your cash flow current.  They are easy to use and immediate.

7.     Provide your financial information to your tax professional early.  It takes time to plan!!


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Farm Safety: Children on the Farm

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 23, 2012 17:45

Brenda Stefanson, PAg

Farm Business Management Specialist

Regional Services, Ministry of Agriculture

Watrous Regional Office


Farm families have always worked together to build successful farm operations. On many farms, the human resource plan assigns much of the labour and management tasks to family members, young and old.  Today’s young farm operators learned their production and management knowledge as they worked side-by-side with parents and grandparents. Now, they will pass these skills on to another generation of farm kids.

Family farm life provides a stimulating learning environment for children of all ages. The knowledge and the work ethic they develop while helping on the family farm will serve them well in their future careers. However, the farm is also a workplace in which numerous health and safety hazards are present. Here’s some practical and common sense advice for busy farm families to ensure the safety, health and well being of their children and teenagers.

Identify Hazards. There are numerous hazards on a farm including machinery, chemicals, unpredictable livestock, enclosed spaces (grain storage, etc.), and electricity.  An important step to preventing tragedy is to make a list of all the things that could seriously harm a younger child. Develop fenced-off safe play areas to keep toddlers and younger children away from workplace hazards. As children grow older and increasingly participate in farm activities, continue to work with them to assess the hazards and ensure that older children are appropriately trained.

Base Expectations on Both Age and Maturity. Children grow and mature at different rates. Young adults tend to overestimate their skill and knowledge levels when asked if they can perform a task. Parents are the best judge of when a young adult has the maturity to take on farm chores that are hazardous. Initial training and supervision is important to ensure your child can do the chore safely.

Emphasize Safety and Model Safe Behavior. Consider your own behavior in busy and difficult times. Do you take shortcuts that compromise safety? Children will learn your habits… both good and bad. Keep them safe as they learn about farm work through the consistent demonstration of your own good habits and safe work practices.

Develop and Enforce a Safe Environment.  Set up appropriate rules for your children to follow and monitor them consistently. Utilize the many government and community agencies that focus on farm safety to learn more about protecting your loved ones on the family farm.

The Agriculture Health and Safety Network, the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, and the Ministry of Agriculture can provide you with information and resources to help you keep your family and employees safe as they work and play this summer. As we look forward to a busy and productive growing season and our children enjoy their summer vacation, keep safety in mind.

For more information, please contact:

    Watrous Regional Services Office at (306) 946-3220,
    Agriculture Knowledge Centre at 1-866-457-2377or
    Visit our website at www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca.


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Equine Enterprise Profile – Performance Equine Therapy with Amanda Duerr by Carol M. Upton

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 13, 2012 17:16


Human beings are embracing natural wellness for themselves these days and Amanda Duerr is doing much the same for equine athletes with her Saskatchewan-based Performance Equine Therapy. Duerr’s mission is to provide quality Equine Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Acupressure, but also to help educate owners so they may care for their equine partners at a higher level. She promotes wellness through injury prevention and health maintenance.

Duerr grew up on a farm where horses were a part of daily life. Her family encouraged both the competitive and recreational sides of horses. Duerr subsequently spent every summer at shows or rodeos, took strongly to the performance/sport horse area and studied for years with different industry professionals. She developed a passion for animal health and decided to pursue a career caring for equine athletes.

“I set my standards high in gaining experience in sports therapy and equine rehabilitation,” says Duerr. “The demand for quality equine therapy programs for Canadian horses was strong and this led to the start-up of Performance Equine Therapy.”

Duerr’s business is unique in that her programs are developed, in collaboration with owners, coaches and trainers, according to each horse’s specific needs. She takes pride in offering full spectrum care and a holistic approach based on sound medical knowledge. A typical day is extremely busy and may include working in a clinic atmosphere, attending to horses that are hauled to appointments, or going on the road to individual barns. Duerr  says she finds her joy in seeing results in the horses.

“Whether it’s helping horse and rider reach a  higher performance level, working on a maintenance program or simply achieving better life quality, it all comes down to a healthier, happier horse.” 

One of Duerr’s biggest business challenges is juggling appointments while on the road. She asks owners to provide her 48 hour notice of rescheduling and she also leaves small spaces in her day so that cancellations or changes do not create insurmountable difficulties.

Duerr suggests that anyone interested in starting an equine therapy business ought to acquire as much education and experience in the field as possible. She equates success with the amount of drive a person has to better themselves and for her that means staying current on new therapies, being an active member of the horse industry and attending seminars on a regular basis.

Future plans for Performance Equine Therapy include new program and resource development. Simply put, Duerr loves her healing work and sees in it endless benefits to both horse and rider.
About Amanda Duerr

Amanda Duerr is a Certified Equine Therapist who has been providing chiropractic/massage care for several years. Her gentle holistic approach and natural solutions for common health issues have improved the lives and performance capabilities of horses throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. When she’s not working, she trains barrel horses and participates in rodeos. Visit Amanda at: www.performance-equinetherapy.com

Carol Upton (604) 886-8951
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Equine Enterprise Profile – Cuatro L Andalusians with Carlos and Brenda Lara by Carol M. Upton

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 6, 2012 06:29


Most horse-lovers find themselves entranced by the sight of the regal Andalusian. We may have seen them in such fantasy epics as The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, or watched them turn in a breath-taking Grand Prix performance. They are one of the oldest and noblest breeds of horse in the world, unforgettable to see no matter what discipline you may favour.

Cuatro L Andalusians, located on 4,000 acres in Wainwright, Alberta, is the largest exclusively Pura Raza Espanola (PRE - translated as “Pure Spanish Horse”) breeding facility in Canada. They have the widest selection of horses for sale, at all ages, genders and levels of training.

Cuatro Owner Carlos Lara, who has been riding since the age of 4, has a great passion for horses, handed down to him by his father. After moving from Mexico to Canada, he searched for a business he could love that would also remind him of his home country and breeding the Spanish/PRE horse has fulfilled this criteria.


Carlos Riding

                                                             Photo credit Johane Jenelle                                                            

Honouring four generations of equine tradition, Cuatro L Andalusian Breeding Centre was established in 1999 by Carlos and Brenda Lara to bring Spanish bred Andalusians to North America. They identified Canadian demand for these horses, spent four months in Spain to find the best breeders, and decided on the foundation stock that they then shipped to Canada as their first herd. 

The Laras see their mission as the introduction of the versatile Andalusian to Canada, for use not only in dressage, but for riders of all disciplines. It is their goal to increase the popularity of the breed in Canada. At the Centre, they continually demonstrate that the Andalusian is not only a good option in competitive riding, but in some areas also the best, due to athletic ability, intelligence and amazing disposition. 

“The PRE horse, with exceptional character and willingness to please, is one of the easiest to train,” Lara explains. “They are also incredibly athletic and brave, since they were used for centuries in war and in bull fighting.”


Cuatro Stallion

                                                                Photo credit Johane Jenelle

Horse care, breeding, work with foals, maintenance of the grounds, and training are all part of a typical day at Cuatro. Currently, there are 12 horses in training from green broke to Grand Prix level. As the facility is only open to the public April to September, they are now in the midst of their busiest season.

The Laras cite discipline, hard work, perseverance, and a passion for horses as essential qualities for working in the breeding business.  Lara sees his Latin American background and extensive experience in the PRE horse industry as a particular strength in offering the best Andalusians in Canada and in educating the equine enthusiast population in all aspects of the PRE horse.

Future plans include a stronger marketing and promotion campaign. Cuatro’s exceptional Andalusians are a powerful testament to the obvious passion the Laras have for everything they undertake. That leaves no doubt that they will reach the next level with their larger vision of ultimately providing horses for export to the United States.

Cuatro L is the largest exclusively Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) breeding facility in Canada and they focus only on the ancient Cerrado en Bocado bloodline. Nothing is spared to produce animals of the very best caliber. Visit Cuatro and the Laras at: http://www.andalusianbreeder.com

Carol Upton (604) 886-8951
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Equine Enterprise Profile: Prairie Brae Farms with Karl and Grace Krautt

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 15, 2012 12:00










Prairie Brae Donkey Jumping  - above 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Prairie Brae Grace & Spirit - right

By Carol M. Upton of Dreams Aloud Promotions



Karl and Grace Krautt had never even heard of Miniature Donkeys when they paid their first visit to a Breeders’ farm. Their lives had been busy with agricultural work and they were looking for something to fill that void as they neared retirement, but were not actually intending to start a business. All that fell by the wayside when the donkeys captured their hearts.

“Miniature Donkeys were such fun,” Grace explains. “We purchased a couple of bred Jennets and for the next few years, the business end developed itself.”

Little did Grace and Karl know that they would go on to breed and sell these loveable creatures, enter parades, show at events like the Calgary Stampede’s World Miniature Donkey Show, and do nursing home and kindergarten visits. Prairie Brae’s mission is based on the Three C’s of Confirmation, Character and Customer Satisfaction. Their donkeys are hardy, intelligent, gentle animals that love human attention and make excellent pets. They can be taught to jump, pull carts, carry packs on hiking trips, and participate in therapeutic settings. Prairie Brae Donkeys have also competed and won Champion Awards at many shows, both at halter and in performance.

Aside from getting the donkeys into the public eye, the Krautts have found their website to be their most powerful business tool. Professional development includes involvement in events with other breeders and organizations like the Canadian Donkey and Mule Association, where ideas for marketing, care and training are exchanged. 

Grace describes spending time with the animals as the fun side of the business. Miniature Donkeys are easy maintenance, but feeding, grooming, trimming, training and public visits definitely are all part of the day. Grace finds her greatest joy in the smiles of children, seniors and others with special needs when they are in the therapeutic presence of a gentle donkey. She feels that public education is key in helping people to understand these animals more accurately.

“Donkeys are not stubborn,” she says. “They don’t kick, but they are cautious and clever. They become trusting with patient handling and will attempt difficult maneuvers, both in lead line and driven.”

After nineteen years of working with Miniature Donkeys, Karl and Grace are always thrilled to share their passion for these charismatic creatures with whom they have found a life of joy, companionship and entertainment.

“They have an aura of peace,” Grace says, “that you cannot explain in a few words on paper.” 

Karl and Grace Krautt and Prairie Brae Miniature Donkeys live in Stettler, Alberta. They welcome inquiries and enjoy talking “Donkey” at 403-742-1144, gkkrautt@xplornet.com or http://www.prairiebrae.com.

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Equine Enterprise Profile: Strathcona Animal Bedding

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 10, 2012 19:12

Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) was started because of our desire to see higher quality wood bedding that would help ensure optimal performance and health. Numerous stories abound about horses with heaves, stall hacking, owners leaving the barn with their eye glasses coated in dust, high levels of ammonia in barns, large wood shards and even paint chips in bedding.  We had personally experienced poor quality bedding material and we were determined to find better bedding.
When we trialed Kentucky Komfort Platinum shavings in our own barn - we were amazed at the improvement of the air quality, the lack of dust, the absence of ammonia odour, and the overall freshness of our barn. We knew immediately that Kentucky Komfort Platinum Shavings was a premium bedding with an economical price tag. Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) now represents the Kentucky Komfort label across Western Canada through a network of dealers and small retail outlets.
Canadian horse owners and veterinarians are demanding quality bedding. Horses spend considerable time in their stalls.  The bedding material is just as important as good nutrition and exercise.   Owners are taking a "preventative" course of action – proactive action prevents expensive vet bills and eliminates the disappointment and guilt owners experience over a preventable disability.   Horse ownership is an expensive venture, ensuring clean, dry bedding is an important part of keeping the horse healthy.
Kentucky Komfort bedding is one of the most cost effective brands of wood bedding on the market including bulk delivery.   Kentucky Komfort bedding is compressed 4:1; you know exactly how much you receive in each bag.   Kentucky Komfort bedding is manufactured from chemical free 100% pine, bored into soft, small flakes that sift easily, reducing the amount Kentucky Komfort bedding material that is removed with manure. The bedding is 100% dust-screened before packaging so you are purchasing all bedding with little or no dust in each vacuum-sealed bag. 
Perhaps the most important aspect of Kentucky Komfort pine bedding is its natural capacity to absorb and break down both ammonia from urine and nitrogen in feces.   Pine also has terpenes which are a natural antimicrobial that help to inhibit insects - terpenes are Nature's antiseptic and cleaning power. 
Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) has enjoyed terrific growth since beginning two years ago, with a wonderful group of clients which includes individual owners, large commercial barns, agricultural, show and veterinary facilities. SAB is slowly branching out with individual dealers who distribute under our banner across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Currently there are 13 locations where horse owners can obtain individual bags or pallets of material. SAB ships directly from the mill for large orders of over 1,000 bags.  Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) is always on the lookout for individuals who will make exceptional dealers. They need to have exceptional knowledge about horses and believe as SAB does - horse health is holistic and involves all aspects of the horse's environment, bedding included.

Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) is beginning to handle products which increase effectiveness within barns in addition to consulting services focused on barn management, passing along tips and methods that are effective in providing a healthy environment for horses and handlers.
 Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) strongly believes that Western Canada has a bright future; SAB will be providing quality bedding for many years.