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Equine Enterprise Profile: Strathcona Animal Bedding

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 10, 2012 19:12

Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) was started because of our desire to see higher quality wood bedding that would help ensure optimal performance and health. Numerous stories abound about horses with heaves, stall hacking, owners leaving the barn with their eye glasses coated in dust, high levels of ammonia in barns, large wood shards and even paint chips in bedding.  We had personally experienced poor quality bedding material and we were determined to find better bedding.
When we trialed Kentucky Komfort Platinum shavings in our own barn - we were amazed at the improvement of the air quality, the lack of dust, the absence of ammonia odour, and the overall freshness of our barn. We knew immediately that Kentucky Komfort Platinum Shavings was a premium bedding with an economical price tag. Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) now represents the Kentucky Komfort label across Western Canada through a network of dealers and small retail outlets.
Canadian horse owners and veterinarians are demanding quality bedding. Horses spend considerable time in their stalls.  The bedding material is just as important as good nutrition and exercise.   Owners are taking a "preventative" course of action – proactive action prevents expensive vet bills and eliminates the disappointment and guilt owners experience over a preventable disability.   Horse ownership is an expensive venture, ensuring clean, dry bedding is an important part of keeping the horse healthy.
Kentucky Komfort bedding is one of the most cost effective brands of wood bedding on the market including bulk delivery.   Kentucky Komfort bedding is compressed 4:1; you know exactly how much you receive in each bag.   Kentucky Komfort bedding is manufactured from chemical free 100% pine, bored into soft, small flakes that sift easily, reducing the amount Kentucky Komfort bedding material that is removed with manure. The bedding is 100% dust-screened before packaging so you are purchasing all bedding with little or no dust in each vacuum-sealed bag. 
Perhaps the most important aspect of Kentucky Komfort pine bedding is its natural capacity to absorb and break down both ammonia from urine and nitrogen in feces.   Pine also has terpenes which are a natural antimicrobial that help to inhibit insects - terpenes are Nature's antiseptic and cleaning power. 
Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) has enjoyed terrific growth since beginning two years ago, with a wonderful group of clients which includes individual owners, large commercial barns, agricultural, show and veterinary facilities. SAB is slowly branching out with individual dealers who distribute under our banner across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Currently there are 13 locations where horse owners can obtain individual bags or pallets of material. SAB ships directly from the mill for large orders of over 1,000 bags.  Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) is always on the lookout for individuals who will make exceptional dealers. They need to have exceptional knowledge about horses and believe as SAB does - horse health is holistic and involves all aspects of the horse's environment, bedding included.

Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) is beginning to handle products which increase effectiveness within barns in addition to consulting services focused on barn management, passing along tips and methods that are effective in providing a healthy environment for horses and handlers.
 Strathcona Animal Bedding (SAB) strongly believes that Western Canada has a bright future; SAB will be providing quality bedding for many years.