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Step One: Kicking the Cravings

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 13, 2012 11:30

Step One:  Kicking the Cravings

by HOT SalesForce Rep Gillian Thiessen
Or breaking the vicious cycle, call it what you like, the first step is the hardest step, imo!  Breaking free from the pull of all baked good containing WHEAT was my first challenge this summer.  I have known for some time that wheat products cause digestive upset of a rather public humiliatory nature.  So, I have some really good incentive to forego the sandwich bar, the donut shop, the bakery...
Day One and Two were awful.  Withdrawal stage.  I apologize to family and friends that endured this stage with me.  Day 3 started to get better, and Day 4 was a whole new world for me!  Feeling better is worth the pain of withdrawal.
Now that the cravings for sugar and carbs have settled down, I feel like I CAN make better choices.  Its like someone just turned on the lights and I have a shot at reaching my health goals, just in time too - getting up over the 4-0 mark means no more fooling around with my health, time to get in shape.  Looking forward to the journey, and I hope you will share your journeys with me.

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