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Real HOT, Real Life Welcome to "Real HOT, Real Life"! I am inviting you to join my personal journey to "Real HOT, Real Life" – a journey to fitness, wellness and balance. Are you unhappy about your life, want to lose weight, get fitter, have more family time, more cash, love your life again??? Join my opt-in email list for tips, recipes, motivation and more! I am going to be sharing my journey, the good, the bad and possibly the ugly.

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posted by Horse Owner Today    |   October 7, 2012 10:29

Well it seems like autumn has arrived with the noticeably shorter days and cooler mornings. I love the autumn colors and the way the air smells out here in the country. I especially love the absence of insects as does my horse, Terry. Fall seems like a more comfortable time of the year for walking; not sweltering hot with bugs and no deep snow to trod through. I am lucky enough to live on the edge of a forest reserve and always have a walking partner or two depending on how many dogs we have at the time as I enjoy dog-sitting my “grandkids” for the most part. Having dogs on the trail is always entertaining; watching them chasing the squirrels and prairie chickens as well as wrestle with each other usually directly in front of where you are trying to walk. I like to think that my dogs will see a bear before I do so I don’t “surprise” a bear on the trail. Usually by fall the bears aren’t as hungry and the babies are on their own but I do practise bear awareness and have a huge respect for nature that can maul me to death. On one particular lovely afternoon I decided to take the “short cut” back from my walk as I was pooped and no one was watching. I had to crawl through two-strand barbed wire fence while Terry was trying to inspect my pockets for treats and the dogs were milling about my legs. Fast forward and the butt of my yoga pants is caught in a barb and not wanting to rip my best pair of yoga pants I slid out of my pants which was not too gracefully and proceeded to do the best to get my pants off the fence before a neighbour sees me in my gitch. There are times when I am so thankful for the country life and the privacy it entails. My horse is one of my many motivations for getting fit. I’m sure if he could talk he would say, “One at a time please.” When I get on. Being overweight has made my balance “off” and being out of shape has left me with weak legs and core. I truly miss the actual experience of riding not just being a lumpy passenger and being overweight makes that “trip to the ground” faster and the velocity of impact much greater. Fall is a great time for eating healthy with all the gardens being harvested. This week I experimented with brownies made from beet puree, not low in fat or calories however a great addition to a bagged school lunch. A fresh salsa cruda with garden tomatoes and corn that I used to top chicken breasts as well as low fat Saskatoon berry muffins made with fresh orange juice and oatmeal. It has been hard to resist buying Halloween treats that are out on all the store shelves but I’m trying to stay strong and might buy my treats on October 30 to ensure they won’t be all eaten before Halloween. When I think I “need” a mini kitkat I try to imagine riding a sitting trot with nothing jiggling until the craving goes away. It’s so worth it! . Follow my journey on “Real HOT Real Life”! Be sure to sign up for our free “Real HOT, Real Life” newsletter  for great tips, recipes and much more.


Step One: Kicking the Cravings

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 13, 2012 11:30

Step One:  Kicking the Cravings

by HOT SalesForce Rep Gillian Thiessen
Or breaking the vicious cycle, call it what you like, the first step is the hardest step, imo!  Breaking free from the pull of all baked good containing WHEAT was my first challenge this summer.  I have known for some time that wheat products cause digestive upset of a rather public humiliatory nature.  So, I have some really good incentive to forego the sandwich bar, the donut shop, the bakery...
Day One and Two were awful.  Withdrawal stage.  I apologize to family and friends that endured this stage with me.  Day 3 started to get better, and Day 4 was a whole new world for me!  Feeling better is worth the pain of withdrawal.
Now that the cravings for sugar and carbs have settled down, I feel like I CAN make better choices.  Its like someone just turned on the lights and I have a shot at reaching my health goals, just in time too - getting up over the 4-0 mark means no more fooling around with my health, time to get in shape.  Looking forward to the journey, and I hope you will share your journeys with me.

Gillian Thiessen , Sales Representative 306-292-6768

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"Real HOT, Real Life"

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 1, 2012 21:44


Welcome to “Real HOT, Real Life”!   The Time is Now!

Hi, my name is Bonnie Newton!  I am the driving force behind (HOT).  I am also Mom to a very active 6 year old boy and partner to an amazing man.  We live on a small farm, a full time job, run a herd of horses, a small business, and HOT.

My big why for embarking on the “Real HOT, Real Life” journey is simple….fitness, wellness, balance and abundance!  I have never lived a balanced life.  My priority is me, sounds selfish but it is not.   I must be fit to live a balanced life, to be the best I can be as a partner, a mother and a business owner. I must be well, my life must be balanced to live in abundance and this is the story of my journey.

Blaine Mackie of Mackie Physiotherapy said “Your physical self should lift up and enhance your mental self”.   My schedule has been bizarre for the past 3 years, working at a desk for hours daily, my physical self is dragging (some parts more than others). 

My first fitness goal is not to be a size 0, nor to achieve a perfect weight. I do not own a scale, never have.   My goal is to only carry useful muscle.  Fat is not useful, it is humiliating and unhealthy, a constant reminder of my “unbalanced life”.  I am trying to work up the courage to video myself and measure all the critical parts so I have a comparison.

My second fitness goal is to maintain a constant weight and body fat level.

How am I going to achieve my fitness goals?  Consistent nutrition plan, consistent exercise, and consistent hydration.

Which of these is toughest?  No contest there consistent exercise is the toughest goal.  I am busy and when trying to balance my schedule will remove exercise first.  No more!  Exercise is critical for me to be more productive, to maintain good health and maintain a high level of energy.  I enjoy exercise, just seem to be willing to sacrifice it and myself.

The hydration is second place.  I find it very difficult to drink adequate water so it has become a conscious exercise throughout the day.

The nutrition plan is what I find the easiest.  I like the food the Team Savino included in my nutrition plan, I like eating...ok honesty wins I love eating! (I can eat anytime, anywhere)


Are you unhappy with your weight?  Your unbalanced life?   I invite you to join “Real HOT, Real Life”.  Follow  my journey to fitness, wellness, balance and abundance in “Real HOT, Real Life”!    Facebook or Twitter

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