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Procrastination – The Great Evil

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 8, 2013 15:59


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I claim to be a self-appointed, self-taught queen of procrastination.   The change came during my stressful and prolonged divorce.  Suddenly, I was able to talk my way out of positive timely actions, I was procrastinating and before I realized it, I was a pro!

The , gives the definition of procrastination as:  to put off intentionally and habitually.

Interesting definition, so the real question that needs to be answered is why?  Why procrastinate?    The simplest answer is “fear of success”.   
Procrastination is simply shooting yourself in the foot of your success, you are guaranteed to stumble and limp along your path instead of striding confidently towards your goals.  Success requires change, and change has both positive and negative consequences.   Fear of success is insidious, it sneaks up and suddenly you realize that you have missed achieving your goal not because of the big tasks, but because some small, vital task was incomplete …you shot yourself in the foot of your success!  Usually on purpose!

"Fear of success" was not my real fear.  The real fear was the side effects of success, how could I be successful and remain low profile thereby protecting myself. 

I would like to share insights from a very successful Canadian business woman, Gloria Boyne. 

Gloria Boyne says “Don’t procrastinate!  It frustrates you, your customers, and your family.  Every time you procrastinate, you lower your self-esteem.”  Source

Movitate Yourself: Ten Ways To Get Unstuck

Decisions, Decisions…
Daily Decisions Decide Destinies!  We must understand that greatness exists in all of us, but it is up to us to put it out of ourselves.  Big Dreams require you to grow in order to achieve them.

Here are 10 Ways to Get Unstuck:
1.    Stop thinking you are fragile. If your perception of and response to failure were changed, what would you attempt to achieve?
2.    Assert control over your life.   Watch your language.  Eliminate words like wish, maybe, hope and try;  instead say “I will make things better”!
3.     Stop worrying about obstacles.  Take Action – Work!  Have a “worry” Box to put all your worries in and once a week open it to deal with them all.

4.    Are you doing what you want with your career. If not, do something about it.  I AM NOT A VICTIM!   We can change our whole life and the attitude of people around us simply by changing ourselves.
5.    Choose a dream and make it a reality.  It takes one step at a time…it is a process.
6.    Follow your intuition…you may have to fake it until you make it!
7.    Stop procrastination.  Putting things off is a habit, use your 6 Most Important Things List daily.
8.    Let go of the labels that you or others have used to describe you.  Make new positive affirmations.
9.    Conquer your fear of failing.  Failure is the hallmark of success.  Without failure there would be no great successes.
10.    Learn to cope with fatigue.  Your energy level is directly related to your attitude and your finances.  Surround yourself with people who have achieved and accomplished a dream.
All great achievers are given multiple reasons to believe they are failures.  But in spite of that, they persevere.  Remember if you always do what you’ve done, then you will always get what you’ve always gotten.
What one step will you take today to move forward to Your Dream?

About Gloria

Gloria is respected and loved as North America’s Entrepreneur Mentor! All across North America – Canada as well as USA, from coast to coast thousands and thousands have used her teachings and systems for results! Gloria is a premier direct selling authority, highly sought after in North America with over thirty -three years of experience as a top producer in a global direct selling company. Her leadership by example, she led her multi-million dollar organization to consistent top five as a national area in Canada for the last 10 years, retiring in 2011 in the number four position.

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