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Radionics Course Offering in Saskatoon

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   February 28, 2012 10:14

This training course will be personally delivered by Ed Kelly, President of KRT and son of founder Pe-ter J. Kelly. Workshop will include a balance of radionic theory, practical application and hands-on activities that will equip participants with the ability to apply radionics to the energetic world that flows through us all.
Ed Kelly is a uniquely qualified instructor, with years of experience building and developing radionic instrumentation, working with senior instructors, and writing about this amazing field, as well as countless hours spent in the company of some of the greatest names in radionics: Dr. T. Galen Hier-onymus, Col. Tom Bearden and many others - not the least of which, his father, Peter J. Kelly.

Fundamentals of Radionics-April 10, 11 and 12, 2012
A course designed to meet the needs of brand new beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Participants should bring samples of the water they drink and fur/hair from an animal they own. Topics covered will include:
History of Radionics
Radionic Instruments: Theory of Operation
The Operator and Focused Intent
Safe Use of Radionic Instruments
Capturing Effective Witnesses
Operation of the Kelly Instrument

Each individual and family/friend enrollee will be provided with following materials and information:
Radionics - Book 2: Applied Radionics Two 300 ml Griffin beakers
Set of 10 KRT radionic worksheets One year: Kelly Research Report
Set of 20 test tubes w/ stand Basic Nutrient Reagent Set
Retake includes completion of courses taught by any authorized dealer of KRT instruments

Individual Enrollment $599.00
Family and Friend Enrollment – Bring a buddy and save $100 each! $499.00
Retake* or with Purchase of a New Instrument $299.00
Instrument Rental (Supplies are limited!) $25.00

Energetic Analysis and Balancing
Water Analysis Worksheet
Animal Analysis Worksheet
Plant and Soil Analysis Worksheet
Use of Reagents: Physical and Electronic
Basic Rate Scanning/Electronic Dowsing

Saskatoon, SK-April 10- 13th, 2012 at the Cosmo Civic Centre

Advanced Topics in Radionics –April 13, 2012
A one-day course designed to explore advanced dimensions of knowledge. Participants must have previ-ously completed a Fundamentals course. 2012 topics to be covered will be:
Advanced Rate Scanning for Accuracy Reagent Selection
Electronic Potentizing and The Replicator Radionic Harmonic Matching
Individual Enrollment $149.00

Contact Back to Your Roots Soil Solutions today 306.747.4744
or deb@back-to-your-roots.com to enroll in these course!

Note: The universal concepts of radionics covered in these workshops will equip participants to conduct radionic research in any area desired. However, human health issues cannot be covered at any time. Re-grettably, any questions concerning human health will have to be declined

Analyzer Price List– Please Contact Kelly Research Technology to Order
706-782-2524 or sales@kellyresearchtech.com
The Workstation : Ag Analyzer - 32 Phase Array 40# $4,350.00
The Workstation - 40 Phase Array 40# add $75
The Workstation - 48 Phase Array 40# add $150
The Workstation Pyrex Well Upgrade 40# add $150
Mk II Ag Analyzer: Seporah & BNC Upgrade 32# $650.00
Mk I Ag Analyzer: Seporah & BNC Upgrade 32# $300.00
The Beacon Agricultural Analyzer - 32 Phase Array 32# $3,200.00
The Beacon - 40 Phase Array 32# add $75
The Beacon - 48 Phase Array 32# add $150
The Seeker Agricultural Analyzer - 32 Phase Array 32# $2,500.00
The Seeker - 40 Phase Array 32# add $75
The Seeker - 48 Phase Array 32# add $150
Beacon or Seeker Pyrex Well Upgrade 32# add $75
Kelly Personal Instrument 9# $1,350.00
Kelly Personal Instrument Pyrex Well Upgrade 9# add $50
Personal Analyzer: Seporah & BNC Upgrade 9# $300.00