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Salt Cedar- Have You Seen This Shrub?

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 13, 2012 13:48

The Frenchman- Wood River Weed Management Area (WMA) and the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards (SCCWS) have recently completed a factsheet on the identification of Salt Cedar - an up and coming invasive species that has been found in Saskatchewan. Salt Cedar (tamarix spp.) has the ability to use 80- 120 gallons of water per day per plant and render the soil below the plant saline.


Tara Davidson, Ponteix area cattle producer and AESB/PFRA Range Specialist notes, “the information provided in this factsheet is easy to read and well laid out.  Producers and land managers on the ground will be able to identify out-of-place plants as Salt Cedar. Invasives are a real threat to the industry.”


This factsheet is the final phase of the project.  Salt Cedar had been recently found in South West Saskatchewan, so extensive searching for other infestations in gravel pits and local creeks occurred this fall.  Thankfully, no new Salt Cedar infestations were found.  Government and Industry partners came together in February to discuss Early Detection and Rapid Response Planning for Salt Cedar.  A large group of producers and land managers attended an informational meeting on Salt Cedar in Cadillac February 15th where a fellow cattle producer from northern Montana spoke about the risk Salt Cedar poses.


Montana ranchers Sylvan Walden and Ron Stoneberg brought a strong message. “You don’t want Salt Cedar. It can grow so thick that you can’t see cattle on the other side of the patch.  It uses a lot of water and impacts the grass and riparian areas.”


Print copies of the Salt Cedar factsheet are available by contacting the WMA or SCCWS or for download at www.sccws.com. Producers in the WMA and the SCCWS area will receive a copy in the mail shortly.


Funding for this project has been provided by the Government of Canada’s Invasive Alien Species Partnership Program delivered through Environment Canada. The Frenchman – Wood River Weed Management Area and the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards have worked collaboratively on this project.




For more information, contact:

Julie Mackenzie P.Ag

Administrator Frenchman-Wood River Weed Management Area

Ph: 306-264-3884


Shannon Garchinski A.Ag

AEGP/ Invasive Articling Agrologist Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards

Ph: 306-778-5027

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