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Feed the Natural Way with Eco Nets

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 30, 2011 08:07

Feeding horses the way nature intended…

Eco Nets are ‘Small Mesh Hay Nets’ (SMHN) or restricted free-access feeders.

Using an Eco Net challenge’s the horse to engage his brain to get the hay; this creates curiosity and less boredom. The benefit to the horse owner is that it extends the feeding time, without using more hay. Horses in nature browse and graze throughout the day, best utilizing their digestive system. Horses in stalls or pens are usually fed 2-3 times a day and this taxes their digestive system. By using an Eco Net, you extend the time it takes to consume their ration, thus feeding in a more natural way.

Use Eco Nets to offer ‘restricted free-access’, where they learn that they will never run out of feed (similar to horses on pasture). Provide more nets than there are horses (or use our round bale nets) and never let them run out of feed. The horses will learn that their food is always available and the stress associated with getting or guarding food will go away.

Shod Horses: fill and securely close the Eco Net using clips or the cord provided. Please hang the Eco Net, with the bottom of the bag at least chest high on the horse.

 Barefoot Horses: fill and securely close the Eco Net using clips or the cord provided, then toss into their pen. They really enjoy pushing the net around and picking up any hay that may fall out. After eating the hay the Eco Net becomes a play toy, when you go to refill you never know where you’ll find it!

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