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Ellen Bontje Clinic Oct 27-29: Meet The Riders and Their Horses.

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   October 25, 2012 06:50

Theresa Stefanidis and Verdi, a 12-year-old Danish Trakehner gelding by Blue Hors Silvermoon competing 4th level, Versailles, France 2012.

Verdi and I trained with Dominique Flament, French Olympic rider and former ecuyer of the Cadre Noir, and his partner, Stephanie Delpierre in Switzerland. With them, I was able to compete in such wonderful venues throughout France such as Jardy (Versailles), Fontainebleau, the Republican Guard (Paris), Pompadour, etc.

I have had the opportunity to take clinics from:  Peter Holler (O level judge), Jacques van  Daele (FEI judge), Brett Parbery (Australian GP rider), Hasse Hoffmann (Danish Berider, GP rider. Trained Laura Becholsteimer's Mitral Horjis to GP), Irene Bakels Noreen (Australian FEI Judge and Coach examiner), Peter Koefoed-Holm (Danish berider), Alison King (FEI Judge), and Per Skjærbæk (Danish Berider, breeder, and GP rider).

Danish rider and competitor, Louise Ostergaard, took me from riding ponies in walk-trot tests to my first PSG. She is amazing coach and a dear friend. Without her, I wouldn't have had any of the above experiences. 


Linda Johnston, Didsbury, Alberta with Voice Mail, a 10 year old Canadian Warmblood gelding

For the past 35 years my husband and I have owned and operated Peaceful Valley Stable; a Thoroughbred breeding, boarding and training facility.  We have started a vast number of horses under saddle for  both racing and pleasure.  I began the journey into the Dressage method of training about 15 years ago under the knowledgeable coaching of Mr. Gordon Dalshaug. Several horses have been with me within this time frame, and have partnered with "Voice Mail" for the past 4 years.Thanks to Mr. Dalshaug's coaching I'm at a level where Voice  Mail and I have the honor of riding under one of the world's top coaches Ellen Bontje.
I am looking forward to solidifying my present knowledge and expanding into new and exciting training experiences.


Tamara Harach is partnered with Kasanova, a 14 year Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred gelding.

Tamara grew-up in riding in rural Saskatchewan.  Her love for dressage started when her family moved to Saskatoon where she was able to join the Saskatoon Pony Club and take riding lessons from Elaine Partington. After high school, Tamara rode with Dietrich von Hopffgarten as a working student. As an adult amateur, she continued to ride and purchased Kasanova in 2000. She trained with Betty Wells for many years and for the past five years has trained with Joan Johnston. As a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Tamara earned her B.SC, in 1989 and a Doctor of Medical Dentistry in 1994. She currently practices dentistry with her husband, Mike, in Regina. Along with their children, Hannah and Sam, they live east of Regina and have a private horse facility.

Rhubi is a 6 year old mare, that I raised off a MM Hanovarian called Falken. She received the top marks in her inspection for Canadian Warmblood in Manitoba , and was awarded first premium. I backed her as a four year old and she has limited showing two hunters shows and one bronze dressage show (training level). We have been taking in as many training experience as we can. I am very excited to have her to ride as she is by far the most talented horse I have owned! (Rhubi is working on connection and strength, can do lateral work, countercanter. She is very supple and balanced and forward moving.)

I have been involved with horses riding, training, showing for 40 plus years. Level one coach for 20 plus years. Have ridden and trained to fourth level dressage. As well as riding and showing in the hunter/jumper ring. Have earned the bronze and silver Dressage Canada rider pins. My riding goal is to earn 8’s on my riding.

Ushi is a 11 year old Dutch Warmblood mare.   Ushi was imported to Canada in 2004 from Holland and is sired by Goodtimes. Goodtimes is an all-purpose breeding stallion. He sires horses for dressage, jumping and beautiful types. Ushi's dam is Granada sired my Columbus. In 2008, Ushi gave birth to Damien sired by Contango. I am anxiously awaiting to start him in 2012. Ushi and I recently competed in the Alberta Provincial Dressage Championships obtaining 3rd place over all at First Level - Open, with scores up to 65.8%. This wonderfully talented mare surprises me everyday with her heart to work, and dedication for success.

I started my riding career at the age of nine years old. By eleven, I found a passion for Dressage of harmony between horse and rider. At which time, I aquired my first horse, Mac a three year-old bay thoroughbred gelding. Over the four years I had him, he taught me extreme patience and helped me overcome many challenges that arise in a young horse. I then graduated to Cascade, a four year-old Dutch Warmblood mare. I competed with her up to Second Level in dressage, obtaining scores up to 70.71% and winning Dressage Seat Equitation at the Provincial Dressage Championships in 2007. In 2007, I then graduated to my current mount Ushi, an imported Dutch Warmblood mare who is now 10 years-old. In 2012, I will be starting her son Damien who is sired by Contango. Recently in 2011, I have completed my certificate in Equine Massage Therapy to further my knowledge between horse and rider. Over my riding career, I have attended numerous workshops and clinics with; Bonnie Bonello, Jane Ayers in Wisconsin USA, Wendy Clark, and have been training consistently with Gordon Dalshaug since 2005. Many thanks to Gordon Dalshaug for his help throughout the years and allowing me this opportunity to attend this workshop. http://www.paragonequestrian.ca



Shelly Malbeuf with her 4 year old Dutch Warmblood


Head trainer and owner of Freedom Farms, Shelley Malbeuf is an FEI level trainer and competitor who has worked and trained in Germany from top international trainers like George Theodorescu, Jo Hinnermann, Holger Munstermann, Christolot Boylen, and Udo Lange. She offers 30 years experience training, and competing at top competitions both in Europe, United States, and Canada and has won many National, and International placings. Her philosophy reflects a classic training style and she believes in training correctly from the beginning in order to achieve true harmony with the horse. Shelley is also a Level 3 NCCP Dressage Coach and stresses individual full and customized care for horse and rider. http://www.freedomfarmscanada.com/Freedom_Farms/Welcome.html


Forest Hall Andalusians
Jane and Chris Voll
Saskatoon, SK

Alexandria Voll's mount is a lovely 3 year old revised PRE mare with a world class heritage, GRACIL AT.  Her excellent conformation and temperament are reflected by her outstanding lineage.  Out of renowned sire INVASOR  and dam CARECA, grandsire EVENTO was s silver medal winner Olympic team Athens 2004 and brother to DISTI NGUIDO X Spanish team Bronze 2002 World Equestrian Games Jerez Spain.  Dam CARECA is out of SONODOR XIII ANCCE Book of Merits - winner of 2001 Dominican Dressage Cup.  Dam DANZERINA - Diosdado bred top foundation mare listed as "outstanding" in Spanish Book Of Merits.  We have high hopes for Gracil as a performance horse and foundation broodmare along with our other imported Diosdada Galan mares.

Alexandria fell in love with Gracil this summer and hopes to develop a long term partnership showing and training her as time allows.  Alexandria started lessons as a four year old with Gordon Dalshaug and a Morgan mount, surviving and thriving, showing and spending summers in Pony Club camps on a difficult Shetland "Cookie".  She began dressage training in earnest at the age of ten, on her Arab mare Lacey.   Alexandria's riding was curtailed somewhat when her studies took precedence.  She convocated in Medicine this year and she is now doing her first year training as a neurology resident in Saskatoon.

Darlene McGregor's mount, ” Got Your Number” is a 17 year old Thoroughbred gelding.


I started riding in Pony Club on a Welsh Mountain/ Quarter horse cross, Garnet. I ended up on a Arab/Quarter horse cross, Hospitality, obtaining my B2 Pony Club level.  University curtailed my riding.
I only rode occasionally for pleasure.  I love the training aspect of riding and missed schooling the horses to do more.  I went to Gordon for coaching on my Anglo-Arab, Hermes. 
I have been coached by Gordon for twelve years.  I was in Saskatoon with Hermes for Gordon’s annual Symposium and he mentioned that Numbers was up for sale and I should try him. Number’s had my number!  I took him home with me to an acreage just outside of Calgary.

For clinic details go to http://www.horseownertoday.com/ellenbontjeworkshop.aspx

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