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Technology Platform Revolutionizes Horse Show Tradition

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   November 9, 2011 21:48




BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Nov 09, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Horse enthusiasts worldwide can now take advantage of the launch of HorseShow.com, a revolutionary online platform for equestrians to instantly compete and network with a global audience. Offering a modern approach to an old tradition, HorseShow.com offers members year-round access to a variety of online competitions for multiple breeds and disciplines.

Upon its launch, HorseShow.com is presenting three horse shows, which will award ribbons and a total of $17,500 in prize money. Competitive riders and horse enthusiasts can enter today through mid-December to compete in the Landmark Hunter Challenge, the Arabian Liberty Fall Classic and the Fall Harvest Dressage Festival.

"Offering this unique online resource for competitions has leveled the playing field in the horse world, making participation in horse shows more affordable and accessible, for those at all levels and interests," said Jeff Sloan, founder of HorseShow.com. "Through HorseShow.com, we are excited to expand the base of horse show enthusiasts, attracting more people to horse sports and thereby supporting and energizing the horse show community."

To enter in to a HorseShow.com competition, participants simply video record their performance, upload it to HorseShow.com, and enter their class or level. HorseShow.com has carefully chosen a panel of nationally recognized judges that will review participants' entries and provide a complete scorecard offering expert feedback.

HorseShow.com. members can create a network of other competitors, earn sponsored awards, obtain educational information, and be judged by professionals -- gaining a competitive advantage for both online and traditional shows. Cost to participate in an online show through HorseShow.com is $15.

The powerful team behind HorseShow.com is a combination of equestrians and technology experts led by visionary entrepreneur and HorseShow.com founder, Jeff Sloan. Sloan's keen eye for business and his passion for horses of have evolved into a revolutionary platform that allows horse enthusiasts the opportunity to take an age-old tradition of horse showing and compete online. Joining Sloan is noted dressage expert and horse sport insider Gil Merrick, who brings his years of experience as a competitive rider and trainer to his role as director of online shows. To become a member and view show entry dates, visit www.horseshow.com .

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