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Syd stolen palimino gelding in Aden, Ab.

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   February 15, 2012 14:50

Caylee's plea for Syd


We are emailing all horse rescue groups, stables, anything we can find equine related.  Our daughter's horse was stolen sometime between Feb 1 & Feb 5.  We are desperately trying to find him.  Authorities have been notified, brand inspectors and slaughter plants across Canada.  Auction marts/stables and AQHA have been notified as well.  We have attached some pictures of Syd.  The email below is accurate information on him.  (There is a typo on some ads that he is 11 yrs old and few details missing.)  We would appreciate any sharing of this information that can be done, posting on any blogs/facebook pages/websites... anything to bring him home to our daughter.  She is terrified she will never see her best friend again.


Thank you so very much in advance for any help you can offer our family.  If you require any more information please contact us through email fastrac@xplornet.ca (Stephanie) bigjimorosz@gmail.com (Jim) or phone 403-647-3888 or 403-344-2727 Stephanie News Clip on CTV Lethbridge Feb 8 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYzIRNR03BI&feature=youtu.be




Subject: Stolen Horse

Thanks again for giving him a chance!

My daughter is devastated.  She's cried herself to sleep 2 nights now.  A little detail, he was last seen with the herd Feb 1, and noticed not with them early morning Feb 5.  The pasture he was in was a section of land (640acres).  After riding that field via quad, the airplane was then used for 2 hours to try and located him.  He was nowhere to be seen alive or otherwise.  The road into this ranch Ross Ranch - Aden, AB is 8km and a private road. Therefore another reason we suspect he was stolen.  He was pastured with 7 other horses, all of which are worth more than Syd.  Syd has a crooked front end, as Caylee says "2 front left feet" so useless for working or riding hard but fantastic for the kids!  This was her 6th Easter/Bday present and she just wants him home so badly.  The last picture is one she made and put on her Facebook status. We would like him returned within 72 hrs or notified as to where to pick him up from and no questions asked - after such time, when he is found we do intend on prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law we can.  The person found to be boarding him can also be charged with possession of stolen property.  If anyone knows where he is and doesn't want to be involved or whatever the case an email could be sent fastrac@xplornet.ca <mailto:fastrac@xplornet.ca>  even. The below is the ad we are using across the internet currently and on posters sent out to all stables/auction marts. Syd is 9 yrs old (April 27, 2003), gelded, 16.1 HH, "scaly" type scar on back left leg, and a injury to front right this past summer when he sliced his foot right above hoof (from the outside along to the back) on a piece of tin.  He has a crooked front end ; 2 "left" feet and it is noticeable. He also has a white blaze, snip, and star down his nose. He is considered cream by some, but he is a registered palomino roan that is a "muddy" white in the winter. No brand on him. Please call Stephanie at 403-647-3888 or 403-330-6246.


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