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Jackie Johnson, International Trick Trainer - Edmonton Clinic

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   May 18, 2012 08:29

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Stunthorse.com Mane Event Pre-Orders

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 11, 2012 09:56

Trick Training Philosophy "Train with Trust and Communication"

Trick training is a great way to foster a fabulous relationship with your horse.  In order to have a great relationship, you have to have great trust, and great communication. 

In order to make trick  training enjoyable and achievable by all, I train with grace, rather than force.

Jackie Johnson


MANE EVENT PRE-ORDERS are now being accepted. If you would like to purchase any stunthorse.com training aids, you can get package discounts, and save on shipping by pre-ordering for Pickup at the Mane Event.

Mane Event Pre-Order Show Specials:
Step by Step Trick Training Book - $20
Stunthorse.com hobble - $40
V-Rope - $20
Stunthorse.com pedestal - $100

Purchase the whole package for $160 which ...is OVER $75 IN SAVINGS

To place your order, email jackie.johnson@sasktel.net. Pre-orders can be paid using paypal.com

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Mane Event