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Trick Training School Series

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 11, 2012 09:40

Trick Training Philosophy "Train with Trust and Communication"

Trick training is a great way to foster a fabulous relationship with your horse.  In order to have a great relationship, you have to have great trust, and great communication. 

In order to make trick  training enjoyable and achievable by all, I train with grace, rather than force.

Jackie Johnson

Pleased to announce that the first ever Trick Training School Series will be held in Saskatoon at Riverview Meadows, starting April 14th and 15th with Beginner Trick Training instruction. This 4 part school series will allow students inter...ested in Trick Training to fully train one of their own horses, and will qualify both the horse and handler for future hiring opportunities through stunthorse.com. Register now by calling Makayla at 306-241-3642. Each weekend of this 4 part series is $250/person plus stabling if required. Stay tuned to www.stunthorse.com as we will be making more announcements regarding this educational opportunity.