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"Taking the Lead" by Sheila Robertson

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   October 28, 2010 15:36

In an extensive and frank exploration, leaders in women's coaching discuss the values women bring to the coaching profession; their quest for equal access; ways career aspirations and motherhood are juggled; how to negotiate contracts; and encounters with homophobia, harassment, and bullying.  They also identify the challenges to progress and highlight the essential changes that need to be made.



Taking the Lead will be of interest to sports organizations; leaders and educators; athletes and parents; researchers in sport and gender studies; and politicians and policy makers.

Women in leadership roles in business,  public service, education, and their communities willl find the wisdom contained in Taking the Lead readily transferrable to their respective arenas.

                                 "We hope that the readers of this book will be inspired by the personal stories, disturbed by the realities,

                                  encouraged by the recommendations, and challenged to join in addressing and correcting the issues."

                                                 -Sheila Robertson, From the Preface


Sheila Robertson has been an award-winning writer and editor with Canada's sport community for over 30 years.  She was the founding  editor of three sports magazines, has worked in Team Canada communications at three Olynpic Games, and been a delegate at international sports conferences.  Sheila Robertson lives in Ottawa.

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