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Scramento California American Powerlifting Meet November 27, 2010

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   December 15, 2010 08:05

The Mackie Family centered out of Mackie Physiotherapy Strength Training Facility trained for 4 months to compete in a Power lifting meet out of a gym called Bodytribe in Sacramento California.  This was one of the first events in which an entire family competed in individual categories.  Luke Mackie 8 yrs old secured 3 world records; squat 105 lbs, bench press 65 lbs and deadlift 145 lbs.  Cayley Mackie 13 yrs old was competing with a pulled hamstring(suffered from activities outside of powerlifting), squat 130 lbs, bench 105 lbs, deadlift 125lbs, Jordyn Mackie 15yrs old completed a squat of 170lbs , bench of 95 lbs and a deadlift of 215lbs which guaranteed 3 world records.  D’Arcy Mackie (MOM) competed strong in the masters division and achieved a squat of 160lbs, bench of 90 lbs and a deadlift of 205 lbs, Blaine finished off in the masters division with a squat of 415 but did not get low enough for the squat to count and then benched 300lbs and deadlifted 455 lbs.  All were proud to bring home trophies from each division and overall met many new friends and had a great time.  We will be gearing up to start our next strength cycle to enter another competition in 2011.


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