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Anti-Theft Tips

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   February 6, 2011 17:07



AS for tips on what you can do to prevent a theft.

If a thief really wants what you have, he's probably going to get it by any means. But you can make it more difficult.

1. The Club is a visual deterent, however as noted in other e-mails it can be beat by cutting the steering wheel.

2. An Alarm system is good if someone hears it and actually gets up to investigate the noise. Theives are fast and can be in and out before you've wiped the sleep from your eyes.

3. A "kill" switch or "immobilizer" is very effective. The vehicle remains where its parked and may suffer damage to door locks and ignition.

4. "On Star" is another product out there that can monitor where your vehicle is. From my experience, there is a time delay between the monitoring station and the Police, if the vehicle is mobile. The location given by On Star could be out by ten minutes or more, and thats alot of travelling time. However, when the vehicle is dumped its quicker to find. At present, On Star will not shut the vehicle down while it is in motion. Still undergoing the safety review.

5. Take a PHOTO of everything.

What your unit looks like: Truck, camper, trailer.

Identify and photograph unique features such as a high-tie to the trailer, tinited windows, mags etc.

Note any bumper stickers.

6. Write down all licence plates, VIN numbers or better yet keep a photocopy of your insurance doc's in a safe place at home.

Verify with your insurance company if you have adequate insurance to cover all your tack.

7. Take a PHOTO of your tack. (After you have cleaned it and its looking like NEW).

8. Most stuff will not have serial numbers but if they do write down.

9. Save all your receipts for your tack when you buy something new or used.

10 Put some identifying mark on your tack. Maybe your drivers licence number up under the stirrup strap or under the jockey when you removed a screw to clean underneath.

Should your tack get stolen and you've reported it to Police. Do some leg work yourself such as contacting consignment tack stores and give them a heads up about whats been stolen. Drop into consignment tack stores and have a look in person for your stuff. Sorry but don't count on Police to do this for you, they usually don't have the resources (manpower).

If your Rig has been left parked for a couple of days, go over it and check your hitch etc before driving away. If an attempt was made to steal your vehicle they may have tried to unhitch the trailer. You may have damage to your door locks or ignition. Do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle! Not even in your trunk. If you can't pack it with you leave it at home. When I go away on a horse trip I don't take my full wallet. I narrow it down to my drivers licence, medical card, one credit card and some cash. That's it.

This has obviously proven to be a great place to send the word out when something does get stolen. The more eyes that are looking the chances of recovery go UP!

I pray that this senseless crime never happens to any of you but for what its worth, I hope this helps you be prepared.

Have a safe fun summer full or lot's of riding!

author Linda Buchanan ( BCHBC member, a CHA level 3 Trail guide and Instructor and an officer with the Abbotsford Police)


“These articles have been  used with the kind permission of the Back Country Horsemen Society of British Columbia.  More interesting articles and downloads can be found at their website at www.bchorsemen.org


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