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Provincial and Territorial Equestrian Sport Federations join Equine Canada in a quest to give Canada a new and revised sport model.

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   March 16, 2011 14:39


The Saskatchewan Horse Federation


On March 10 and 11, representatives from Equine Canada and representatives from all 10 Provincial Equestrian Asociations and the Yukon Territory met in Toronto. The session was mediated by SDRCC mediator Allan Stitt.

Following two days of very positive discussions, all of the parties have unanimously agreed to engage in further discussions with the goal of reaching an agreement that will result in six provincial equestrian associations re-joining Equine Canada.

The parties have agreed to form a Joint Steering Committee which will consist of two representatives of the six non member provinces, two from Equine Canada and two from the current member Provinces-Territories, all of whom are volunteers.

The Joint Steering Committee will be responsible for conducting a governance review based on the principles of a competency-based Board and an optimal participation of the Provincial/Territory Associations (PTA) in the governance structure. They will also clarify the roles and responsibilities of Equine Canada and PTA`s. A financial business model will be created on the principle that the PTA`s agree to support Equine Canada in some fashion. A professional expert in governance shall assist the Joint Steering Committee.

A significant agreement is that the decisions of the Joint Steering Committee, if unanimous, shall be binding upon all parties. If the Joint Steering Committee unanimously agrees on the governance structure, the roles and responsibilities and the financial business model, the non member provinces agree to become members of EC.

The Parties have agreed to finalize negotiations prior to August 1

st , 2011.




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