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Welcome to Equine Guelph’s First Integrative Therapies night!

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 21, 2011 18:21

This seminar is a memorial tribute to Rosalie Logan from family members to share her love of the horse.  Rosalie believed an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure and Equine Guelph is pleased to facilitate this educational evening.  Guest speakers include: Dr. Brad Hanna, OVC, “From Bloodletting to Evidence-based Medicine”, Dr. Scott Hie, D.C., “Integration of Chiropractic Care With Horse Health Care”, Dr. Wendy Pearson, U of G, “The Science of Natural- A Case Study on Mint”, Holly Barnett, REMT CSF, (the role of massage therapy) and Jackie Vandenbrink, M.Sc., Masterfeeds  “Supportive Nutritional Therapies for Health”. 


Location:             Ontario Vet College Room 1438

Date:                    May 19th 2011

Time:                    7:00 pm – 9:45 pm

Register:              Please phone in to Equine Guelph 519-824-4120 ext. 54205 before May 12th.


Entry by donation kindly requested. 


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