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Hay News August August 9-15, 2011

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 24, 2011 17:20

Livestock producers in many areas of the province are finished haying; however, rainfall delayed progress in some areas this past week. The average provincial hay yield for both dryland alfalfa and alfalfa/brome stands is 1.9 tons per acre, which is the five-year average (2006 to 2010). Average yield on irrigated alfalfa and alfalfa/brome stands is 2.9 tons per acre. Average greenfeed yield is 2.2 tons per acre on dryland and 3.4 tons per acre on irrigated stands.

Thunderstorms throughout the province brought heavy rain, high wind, and damaging hail in some areas. The majority of crop damage is due to hail, wind and insects.

Across the province, topsoil moisture on cropland is rated as eight per cent surplus, 82 per cent adequate and 10 per cent short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as four per cent surplus, 80 per cent adequate and 16 per cent short.

Farmers are busy swathing, combining and hauling hay.


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