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Back to Your Roots Western Canadian Annual Producers Conference 2012

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February 2 & 3, 2012
Travelodge Conference Centre
Regina, SK

Back to Your Roots Western Canadian
Annual Producers Conference 2012

At Back To Your Roots we provide consumers with access
to environmentally friendly products that address soil
problems and facilitate sustainable farming practices.
With a focus on proper soil analysis and evaluation, our
goal is to assist producers to identify the underlying
causes of the soil problems and develop an understanding
of how to correct these problems.

Glen Rabenberg is president and CEO of Soil Works LLC. He was raised in Bancroft, South Dakota, where he still maintains his
third-generation family farm. He holds degrees in animal science, general agriculture and agriculture economics. After graduating
from college, Rabenberg worked in the animal pharmaceutical business, where he learned that many of the diseases he saw were
the result of nutrient-poor grain and forage that the animals were consuming. The conventional system of "reacting to the symp-
toms instead of correcting the cause" led Rabenberg to extensive research of soil, and the production of Genesis Soil Rite Calci-
um. Genesis Soil Rite Calcium is currently sold throughout the U.S., and internationally. Rabenberg has spent extensive years
researching soil and plant nutrition. Combined with additional information learned from William Albrecht, Dr. Carey Reams, Dr.
Millhouse, and many other contributors, Rabenberg aims to "bring soil back to the way nature intended."

Jim Burnett was born and raised on a farm in the Texas He graduated from Texas Tech University in 1971 with a BS in
Animal Science. Six years later he earned an MS degree in ruminant nutrition. His thesis topic was on the use of monensin
in cattle rations. Monensin is considered a natural antibiotic which is produced by bacteria and this opened the door to
microbiology for him. In 1994 he began working with natural amendments to correct imbalances in the soil. Through
exposure to the works of Dr. William Albright and Dr. Carey Reams, along with practical experience, he has been able to
expand his knowledge and continue to manufacture products that help growers balance their soil and grow crops more
sustainably and use water more efficiently. Jim has concentrated his efforts in developing products that have a positive
effect on the life and dynamics of the soil. Jim feels he is very blessed to be involved in this industry and looks forward to
going to work each day.

Ed Kelly. Since 1978, the Kelly family has been producing top quality radionics instruments that allows analysis and
balancing of the naturally-occurring energetic fields emitted by all living creatures. Ed Kelly has been leading this
small family business since the untimely passage of his father and company founder Peter J. Kelly in 2004. Ed will
provide an introduction to this esoteric art with a presentation entitled, Radionics and the Vibratory World Around

Kyran Rice, CCA was born in Arizona. His father is an agronomist and an avid
organic gardener. At a young age, he moved with the family to Vanderhoof, BC. where they started a cattle
ranch. After 7+ ranching, his family moved back Central Valley of California to take advantage of the ideal
growing conditions in that area. In 1983 Kyran attended college at Ricks College in Rexburg Idaho. Kyron has
worked extensively with various microbiologists and has spent many years studying and researching the ef-
fect and benefits of Mycorrihzae fungi and various other bacteria in soil and on plants. Kyran is the President
and owner of Optimum Ag Inc. located in Visalia CA. He consults on thousands of acres in crops varying from
almonds, pecans, cherries, citrus, pomegranates, and grapes, to potatoes, carrots, grains, blue berries, black
berries and Strawberries. He and his wife Tammi own and manage a Citrus Ranch that produces both Navel
and Valencia oranges.

Dr. Thomas Dykstra
is owner of Dykstra Laboratories, Inc. based in Gainesville, FL, USA. The
laboratory is devoted to research and development in the field of bioelectromagnetics (how
electromagnetic fields influence life). Dr. Dykstra has consulted with engineers, agricultural
scientists, academic institutions, government agencies, and private companies. He has visited
three continents and presents lectures on diverse topics covering entomology, olfactory phys-
iology, biophysics, paramagnetism, neurobiology, and antennae. He holds degrees from Cor-
nell University and the University of Florida and studied under Dr. Philip S. Callahan.

Personally, he is married to Chicago-native Karen Dykstra, and they have three small children.
Although he wishes he had more sleep, he may occasionally be found in various pools swim-
ming laps trying to stay awake.

Back To Your Roots Soil Solutions has a mission to provide information and education to our producers.

Each year we host a workshop or meeting with speakers that are at the forefront of soil health and food quality. This year is no
exception. Come join us for two days of education and networking and learn more about the soil, the life within the soil, prod-
ucts, tools for testing your progress, and more. Meet our speakers……

Back To Your Roots Soil Solutions Inc.

Western Canada Producer’s Meeting 2012

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Workshop Registration

Registration includes two days of meetings, lunch both days and an open forum featuring all our
speakers, some producers, and others on Thursday evening. Meetings start at 9:00 each day and run
until 4:30. Once your registration is received, you will be sent a schedule of the speakers and other
information pertaining to the event.


Name(s) ____________________________________________________________


City:__________________ Prov.:______________ Postal Code: _________________

Phone:________________ Fax:________________ Email:_____________________

If registering for more than one person, please provide their full name(s) for printing of name tags.



February 2nd and 3rd, 2012 Producer’s Meeting

 Quantity Cost Total

 Before January 16th, 2012 ______ X $175.00 ____________

 After January 16th, 2012 ______ X $200.00 ____________

 Subtotal: ___________

 GST 5%: ___________

 PST 5%: ___________

 Total: ___________


Method of Payment: (please check): ____ Cheque ____ Visa ____ M/C _____Cash


Card Number ____________________________ EXP: _______________ VIN: _________





Please mail to Box 1236 Shellbrook, Sask. S0J 2E0 or fax to 306.747.3469

Hotel Information

Travelodge, 4177 Albert Street S, Regina, SK

Newly renovated, our 200 room, full-service conference hotel is ranked as one of the Top 10 Travelodges in North
Located on South Albert Street in Regina, Saskatchewan, where you can enjoy free parking
One of the closest hotels to the Regina International Airport
Less than 10 minutes to downtown Regina
Our hotel is 100% non-smoking
Home of Regina's largest hotel waterslide
Proud to offer a secured-access corporate floor and newly renovated exercise room
One of Regina's most popular hotels for weddings, meetings & conferences
Casino Regina is pleased to offer you a free shuttle to and from their facility


Rooms should be booked well in advance and use booking code CGBACK to
get our conference rate of $119.95. This rate will only apply until

January 10, 2012 (space available).

Call 306.586.3443 for reservations.

The workshop runs on February 2 &3, 2012 in the Imperial Ballroom
at the Travelodge in Regina, SK from 9am until 5pm, with registration
starting at 8am on February 2. On the evening of February 2 there
will be an open forum with our speakers. It will be an opportunity to
ask questions and network in an informal setting.


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